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Residential Pest Solutions

Pest Extermination Services for NH and ME

Dependable Pest Solutions will protect your home from unwanted pests, which can cause damage to your property or cause unsanitary conditions for your family.

The Key to Successful Pest Control:
Inspection and Identification

Our pest control programs start with a licensed technician inspecting your property to find potential breeding and nesting areas for pests or unwanted insects. Then Dependable Pest Solutions highly- trained, licensed service technician will prescribe a customized treatment program, designed for your home to create a pest free environment all year long.

Naturally, we treat for pests, but our goal is to locate sources, conditions that are helpful to pests and eliminate nesting sites to maintain a pest free environment.

Dependable Pest Solution’s experienced staff will safely treat your home for unwanted pests and prevent future invasions.

Call Dependable Pest Solutions today to eliminate a pest problem or to learn more about our preventative programs.

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