Rodent Control

Rodent Infestation – Your Elimination Experts

Dependable Pest Solutions offers a comprehensive rodent control service to property owners throughout Portland, Maine. Take advantage of our rat control services and receive prompt response, high-quality work, and a dedication to your satisfaction. Above all else, you can trust our team to use safe and effective procedures that keep you, your family, and your pets safe.

There is no job too big or too small for the team at Dependable Pest Solutions to handle. Whether you need us to take care of a few mice, or you have a basement teeming with rats, we are always here to help. Our licensed technicians will inspect every aspect of your property, ensuring no rodent remains. In fact, we develop custom treatment plans on a case by case basis, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

Don’t Let Rodents Make Your Home Their Home!

When a rodent population already exists, some kind of lethal control is necessary, otherwise, the reproductive capability of the rodent and their remarkable ability to find food will keep their populations up or increase them.

Lethal control

Toxicants (baits) are placed in our child-proof, pet-proof boxes, in the rodent activity areas.
Snap traps are placed in rodent areas, but safely away from children or pets, in inaccessible locations.
Tracking powders are placed in enclosed areas of activity.

Preventative treatment

Note: it isn’t easy to completely mouse-proof a building since mice are able to squeeze through an opening as little as 1/4 inch in diameter. Sealing large holes to limit movement of rodents into and throughout a building is helpful.

Mice facts

Rodents damage structures, chew wiring and cause electrical fires, eat and urinate on human food, and carry many diseases. Mice produce about 150 droppings (fecal matter) per day and what’s even worse they urinate almost just as much.

A mature female mouse may produce as many as ten litters (about 50 young) per year. A mature female rat may produce as many 4 to 5 litters (about 20 young) per year - Don’t let a rodent infestation problem multiply!

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