Beware Nesting Rodents as Colder Weather Approaches

As the temperatures drop and the cold weather sets in, rodents, insects and other wildlife start looking for some place warm to nest and, unfortunately, they tend to find their way into your home and can usually go unnoticed for a while. One of the more common home invasion criminals? Mice.

How do they get in?

Mice are sneaky little critters that can find their way into just about anything. Due to their body shape, mice can maneuver in and out of things much smaller than their size, making it impossible to notice an infestation until other signs manifest.

Mice have a number of different ways to enter into your home, but some of the more frequent avenues are:

  • Holes or cracks in your homes foundation.
  • Holes and cracks in your floors.
  • Weakened or damaged areas of your roof.
  • Weep vents.
  • Gaps in air conditioning lines.

How do I get rid of them?

Rodent removal in Rochester, NH has many different techniques and methods that can be used. Make sure you start by sealing off avenues to your food sources as well as seal off vents and other ways for mice to move around.

You can then start laying out traps and baits in an attempt to catch as many as possible. Once you’ve caught one, or even a few, it’s best that you bring in the professionals to have them scan the home and make sure there are no other mice hiding around. They will have the final finishing touches to make sure the infestation is gone and your home is safe again.

How can I prevent them from coming back?

The key to preventing mice from returning to your home is to completely seal it.

1. Close the doors. If you’re in the habit of leaving doors open, whether it’s because you’re working in and out of the house or you simply want a breeze to come through, mice may be taking advantage of that. Keep your doors closed or install screen doors to prevent mice from sneaking in.

2. Seal the windows. Mice are good at climbing and are able to scale your home and get in above ground level, and they will definitely have an easy time getting in through a window. Make sure you keep your windows closed or screened at all times.

3. Examine the foundation. The most common way mice get into your home is through cracks and holes in your foundation. Take the time to walk around the outside of your home to examine the foundation for any cracks or holes where mice could enter.

4. Seal off outlets, vents and chimneys. Mice may not be the smartest animal but they are smart enough to follow cables or drains into your home if they can fit through the hole. Seal these areas off with stainless steel pads and caulk. The mice are unable to chew or push past the barrier and get in.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding rodent removal in Rochester, NH, it never hurts to contact the professionals for their guidance and additional solutions.

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