Cute, Cuddly and Potentially Dangerous: Squirrels in Your Home

Although they are cute and seemingly harmless, squirrels can do a fair amount of damage if ever trapped in your home. Not only can they cause physical destruction to your home itself, they can also bring with them nasty diseases that can hurt you and your family.

As the winter months draw near and as their natural habitat shrinks, squirrels tend to be forced into your home to survive. They typically find their way in by gnawing through roofing or other corroding foundations as well as slipping through holes or cracks in the house or chimney.

Once they are in they will quickly begin making a home for themselves and start wreaking havoc on your home, resulting in the need for squirrel removal in Rochester, NH.

Damage from a squirrel infestation

Squirrels will most likely make themselves at home in your attic. It’s the easiest place to get in and they tend to find it quite welcoming with the insulation readily available to them to tear and rip apart, rendering it less effective.

Squirrels are also very generous when it comes to their urine. Over time, as they grow their burrows, your attic will begin to emit the odor of squirrel urine, which then seeps into the house, causing your entire home to smell.

As squirrels make their way in and create their burrows, this also leaves the opportunity for other wildlife to make their way in. Wildlife such as bats, insects and other creatures that aren’t meant to be there will begin to make homes for themselves, causing more problems on top of what the squirrels have already done.

Although all of these effects are damaging, perhaps the worst of them all is the fire hazard that squirrels create. Squirrels will chew on just about anything and that includes electrical wiring. If chewed on there is potential for the damaged wiring to set your house on fire.


On top of the horrific damage squirrels can cause to your home, squirrel infestation also poses a serious health risk to you and your family. Squirrels are the primary carriers of diseases such as rabies, tick fever, powassan and encephalitis, as well as diseases that are brought in by insects that commonly live on squirrels.

While squirrels are able to get accustomed to humans in areas where there is a lot of human traffic, it is so important to keep your distance in order to avoid the chance of contracting a disease.

Squirrel control

So how do you handle a squirrel infestation as well as prevent it from happening in the future? The best thing you can do is leave it to the professionals. You should never try facing a squirrel infestation on your own and always call for expert squirrel removal in Rochester, NH. Sure, you may be able to trap or kill a squirrel here and there using store-bought traps and devices; however, the health risk that is on the line when dealing with squirrels is simply not worth it.

The professionals are trained in this area and have many ways they can deal with the problem, and there’s no better way to rest assure that your squirrel problem is taken care of than by leaving it to people who work with this situation on a daily basis.


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