How to Know if Your Home Needs Mice Removal in Rochester, NH

They may look cute and cuddly, but mice are nothing to get too attached to when it comes to them being in your home. In fact, having mice in the space where you live can pose a number of issues in varying intensity—depending on what damage they’ve already caused, how many mice are living there and what they’ve gotten into in your living space.

But, far and above getting rid of mice, locating them and truly determining that you have an infestation is a problem in and of itself! Often, people are oblivious to the signs that their home has become a nesting area for mice and when they finally do call for mice removal in Rochester, NH, they’re genuinely surprised to see the extent to which the problem has grown.

To help alert you earlier of the presence of mice in your home, we’ve put together a few solid signs that you can look out for and tips on how to mitigate the potential of an infestation in your home:

  • Look for claw marks: Mice may be small, but their claws can be razor sharp! A dead giveaway that there are mice somewhere in your home is the presence of small claw marks and scratches on your floor or walls, which indicates a scurrying mouse that has recently been there.
  • Droppings: Mouse droppings aren’t hard to determine once you spot them—they look like raisins on the floor! Before you simply sweep or vacuum them up, make sure to make a note of where they are, so that you can inform a pest control professional.
  • Noises: Squeaks and scurrying paws are telltale signs that mice have moved into your home and they’re most often heard at night or in spaces that are less frequented, such as attics or basements.
  • Pet behavior: Your household pets will know before you do that there are mice in your home, so pay attention to any strange behavior that might indicate that they’re hunting or waiting for something.

If you’re privy to any of these crucial indicators, it’s paramount that you don’t waste time in seeking out a pest control company to help you deal with your unwanted visitors. If left to their own devices, mice will quickly colonize a space and grow more problematic as that space expands. Mice can have dozens of babies in a very short time period, so it’s best to head the problem off as quickly as possible.

Also remember that laying down glue traps and snap traps isn’t the way to approach the problem—these traps often prove ineffective and don’t address the core problem of animals entering your home. Plus, they can pose hazardous to kids or pets that get a little too curious!

The only true way to make sure that your mouse problem is a short-lived one is to call a specialist for mice removal in Rochester, NH. They’ll root out the problem and make sure it’s not one that occurs again anytime soon.

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