There’s Always More Than Meets the Eye…

When you realize that your home has become open to unwanted guests, it’s usually something small that tips you off: a mouse dropping here or there, an ant or two wandering aimlessly on your floor, etc. It’s these first little tips that get us worried and we often set out with diligence to make sure the warning signs aren’t really a true problem yet. From there, you might lay down a few traps, spray a few times or seal a couple of cracks and if you never spot the signs of unwelcome guests again, you might be able to convince yourself that you tackled the situation appropriately.

Unfortunately, your triumph is rarely genuine, as you’ve only succeeded in eliminating the problem that you see. What you probably don’t know or even suspect, is that the problem is generally ten times larger than it appears to be and it’s likely growing out of sight and out of mind!

A cozy place to nest

The reason animals and insects love out homes are because they represent the ideal nesting conditions. Homes offer shelter from predators, plenty of space to fan out and grow, opportunities to raise offspring and plenty of sources of food—all of this, without any disturbance from people as your invaders take up residence in your walls, under your floorboards and in your basement and attic.

Those pests that we do see are adventurers from the nesting ground—scouts looking for new areas of your home to settle down in. And, when you employ pest solutions in Rochester, NH to deal with these strays, you’re only telling the rest of the intruders that they should keep out of sight if they want to continue taking over!

One in the hand is worth two in the bush

While it might satisfy you to know that you’ve taken care of a couple pests here and there, what’s even more satisfying is knowing that you’ve eliminated the source of your troubles—something that store-bought pest solutions in Rochester, NH rarely offer. It takes a professional consultation and service to ensure that you’re getting to the root of your bee, ant, rodent or other pest problem and effectively eliminating it entirely.

What’s even more comforting is being able to understand how the problem can to be in the first place, eliminating the window of opportunity that was exploited to begin with and repairing any damage done to your home so that there’s no trace of an invasion at all!

Don’t settle for a partial solution

Buying traps, sprays and other pest solutions in Rochester, NH might be enough to give you solace when it comes to catching critters in the open spaces of your home, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that your efforts are paving the way for a pest-free household. Instead, take the fight right to the source and make sure you’re calling Dependable Pest Solutions for a comprehensive consultation of your home. What you discover lurking out of sight may frighten you, but knowing what you’re up against is the first step to a sustainable solution—one that Dependable Pest Solutions can provide.

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