Wintertime is Prime Time for Bed Bugs

We think of winter as a time when we don’t have to worry about bugs—after all, the cold temps and blustery weather are enough to send just about any critter into hiding until the warmer seasons return for the year. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t take some time to talk about bed bugs during this seemingly safe pest season because, in fact, bed bugs are a whole lot more pronounced during the frighteningly cold months of the year.

Making a habitat in your home

Bed bugs can get into your home in any number of ways and once they’re moved in, it’s nearly impossible to get them out and keep them out without some professional help and a targeted plan for bed bug removal in Rochester, NH. Most of the time, we unknowingly bring these bugs into our homes via our clothes and belongings, which can easily pick up bed bugs from the outside world. In this same way pets have also been known to contribute to bed bug infestations.

Once inside your home, bed bugs take up residence in—you guessed it—your bed! The live in the mattress and sometimes inside of pillows, since these areas provide a lot of insulation and protection. When they feed, bed bugs will come out from these places to make themselves apparent on sheets or blankets and generally, even then they’re hard to spot.

Getting rid of the problem

Bed bug removal in Rochester, NH isn’t as simple as you might think: washing your bed sheets and disinfecting your mattress aren’t going to be enough to make these critters go away for good. And, if even one larvae survives, you’re going to repeat the cycle of bed bugs over and over again until the entire presence is eliminated.

Tackling your bed bug problem with a professional is an absolute necessity for the simple reason of thoroughness: a pest control professional is going to be much more adept at eliminating your entire bed bug problem from start to finish, without leaving behind any bugs that might start the cycle anew. And, a professional will also know how to tackle the problem without putting you or your family in danger by using safer chemicals and less invasive eliminating methods.

Some of the steps that a professional might take or ask you to take during the process of bed bug removal in Rochester, NH may include:

  • Having all of your linens professionally laundered. Industrial washers and dryers will serve to create a more thorough clean than at-home models, with dryers reaching temperatures of 140 degrees: enough to eradicate a bed bug infestation.
  • Steam cleaning mattresses and pillows. Again, bed bugs cannot survive such high temperatures and steam cleaning anything that cannot be laundered will serve to eradicate bugs and their eggs.
  • Repairing cracks in plaster or drywall. These are ideal infiltration locations for bed bugs and sealing them up tight will cut off entry points to your home.
  • Having your pets bathed and disinfected if they’re outdoor animals, to prevent any bed bugs from hitching a ride back into your home.
  • Thoroughly vacuuming your floors and carpets, to ensure that any stray bugs or eggs are eliminated from the area.

If all else fails and you have a recurring bed bug problem, it may come down to investing in a new mattress or linens. But, in order to truly avoid a complete retrofit of your bedroom, make sure you’re assessing the entire scope of the problem with a professional on your side. Bed bugs are hard to get rid of, but not impossible!

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