Dependable Pest Solutions in Rochester, NH Now Offering Pest Control Insulation

Since 2007, Dependable Pest Solutions has been working hard to live up to our name by providing high quality, safe and, yes, dependable pest solutions in Rochester, NH. From rodent and small animal prevention and removal services to solutions for all manner of insects and other pests, we’ve become known as a top provider of numerous options for local homeowners who don’t want to experience the stress, health hazards and property damage associated with infestation.

Starting in February, we have a new service to add to our arsenal: pest control insulation sales and installation. That’s right—insulation that does double duty by keeping your home at a comfortable temperature while also serving as a pest deterrent. Here are some of the basic things you need to know about pest control insulation:

  • Eliminates pest problems: What differentiates pest control insulation from other types of blown-in insulation is that it contains borate materials, which are highly effective at killing bugs and pests. The borate particles attach themselves to pests, and when the insects groom themselves, they’ll ingest the particles, which will effectively starve the insects to death. The borate materials are evenly distributed throughout the insulation for maximum efficiency, which means you shouldn’t have to deal with surprise infestations in less effective areas, because there’s no place for insects and other pests to get away from the borate materials. Thanks to pest control insulation, your home should be well protected against pest trouble.
  • Insulates your home: As any insulation does, the pest control insulation now carried by Dependable Pest Solutions works as an excellent holder of heat, and it actually works better at preventing air leaks than many other types of insulation. Because pest control insulation substantially slows down the flow of air, your home will lose far less heat during the winter than it would with regular insulation. Pest control insulation, as it turns out, happens to do both of its primary jobs very well.
  • Saves you money: The cost of installing pest control insulation may depend on a lot of factors, but it’s important to remember that this is truly a case in which you’ll be spending money in order to save even more money down the line. First, your energy costs will go down quite a bit, as your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work quite so hard and your home won’t be wasting as much energy. Second, by preventing pest infestation, pest control insulation can save you a substantial amount of money on pest elimination and any necessary repairs that would follow after a pest problem—including, in many cases, the installation of new insulation.

Dependable Pest Solutions in Rochester, NH is proud to now be able to offer pest control insulation, along with the numerous other products and services we’ve long provided. Call us at 603-948-2039 or come see us to learn more about what this great new product can do to help keep your home properly heated and cooled, as well as pest- and insect-free.

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