Five Ways Pest Control Insulation Can Help with Pest Removal in Rochester, NH

At Dependable Pest Solutions, we’re awfully excited about the latest product we’ve chosen to carry, and the newest service we’ve decided to provide to our customers in need of quality pest removal in Rochester, NH: pest control insulation. This February, sales and installation of pest control insulation has become only the most recent of Dependable Pest Solutions’ many reliable choices we’re offering our customers, and there are a number of reasons we’re excited about what pest control insulation will do for local home- and business owners.

Due to its effectiveness as a pest elimination product and as insulation, as well as the considerable savings that can result from its use, we believe pest control insulation makes for a very attractive option for our customers. Here are five ways in which our new pest control insulation can make the pest removal process a little easier and more productive:

Borate materials effectively eliminate numerous household pests. The key ingredient in pest control insulation is naturally occurring borate material, which works by attaching itself to the bodies of insects and pests. When cockroaches, ants, termites and other pests groom themselves, they ingest the borate materials, which lead to starvation, death and an end to your infestation.

It provides thorough protection against pests. Due to the way it’s manufactured, the borate materials are evenly distributed throughout the pest control insulation, which means there’s no safe place for pests to hide. By providing even protection throughout, the insulation provides no means of escape and is able to completely take care of a pest problem.

Pest control insulation provides an environmentally friendly pest elimination option. Because it’s made entirely of natural materials—primarily recycled paper—pest control insulation is a great way to lower your carbon footprint, more effectively insulate your home and eliminate pests is a way that does no harm to the environment.

The product poses no danger to humans. There are certainly a number of very effective means of eliminating pests, but not all of them are great for people, especially children, to be around. One of the best things about pest control insulation is that it’s not dangerous to humans. In fact, borates are used in a number of common consumer products, and while they’re extremely toxic to insects, they pose virtually no danger to mammals.

It offers a long-term solution to pest control problems. One potentially frustrating aspect of some types of pest treatments is they have to be repeated on occasion, and lose their effectiveness over time. Pest control insulation, however, is a one-time, long-lasting approach to pest elimination that you can rest assured will do its job.

Since pest control insulation may still be an unfamiliar concept to many of our customers, we want to invite you to call us at 603-948-2039 or come see us in person to learn more about what our newest product and service can do for you. We look forward to providing this remarkable and effective means of pest removal in Rochester, NH to any customers who are interested. Call or visit today for more information!

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