A Few Unwelcome Springtime Pests

Spring is perhaps the most beautiful time of year—a season where everything is coming back to life outside, flowers are blooming and the world is reawakening for the first time of the New Year! But not everything about spring is beautiful… including the pests that are bound to make a reappearance with the bloom of the new season. That’s right, springtime pests are right around the corner and now is the time to start preparing for them!

Not sure what types of critters you should be looking for? Need help ensuring that your cursory pest inspections in Rochester, NH are thorough and you’re accounting for every little insect that might be creeping up during this time of year? No sweat—take a look at this cheat sheet for some of the spring’s common pests and what can be done to secure your home against them:

  • Ants: Ants are the first pest to make a resurgence when spring rolls around and they can seem to explode out of nowhere once the weather creeps above freezing. Not coincidently, ants are also the biggest issue for homeowners in spring, which makes it highly important to have a thorough pest inspection in Rochester, NH as soon as spring makes its mark. An exterminator will examine common intrusive areas of your home including the foundation and areas around windows and doors to make sure that ants aren’t parading into your living space to kick off the season.
  • Termites: Like ants, termites are fond of the temperatures when they rise above freezing and can quickly get to chomping wood as soon as the season permits. Make sure they’re chomping wood outside of your home and not in the space where you live! Let a pest professional examine your home for any evidence of termites, as well as surrounding wooded areas, to ensure that a great termite migration isn’t happening right under your feet.
  • Bees and wasps: Stinging insects tend to be more of a concern for people in summer, but spring is where they get their start. That hornet’s nest that seemed to appear as if by magic was likely started during spring, along with the honeycomb that you discovered in your attic! Get a jump on bees and wasps before they get a jump on you and make sure you’re asking a pest professional to thoroughly inspect your property for evidence of budding activity from stinging insects.
  • Moths: As you start to pack up your winter clothes and break out your summer duds, you might find that you have a bit of a moth problem on your hands. Moths love to wreck havoc during the winter months and it’s likely that you’ll discover just how much damage they’ve done when spring rolls around. Take back your closets and your attic by putting a stop to these menaces as soon as spring rolls around.

Depending on your property, you might also find yourself dealing with clover mites, stink bugs and an assortment of other menial pests come springtime—it’s important to have sweeping pest inspections in Rochester, NH done to ensure that you’re not left open to invasion by any of these critters.

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