Avoid Needing Bed Bug Removal in Rochester, NH by Following These Summer Tips

There’s nothing that will put a damper on your summer fun more quickly than the need for bed bug removal in Rochester, NH. Because of the free spirited nature of summer, bed bugs have plenty of opportunity to travel or hitch a ride from place to place, and plenty of people have had the unsavory experience of waking up one warm morning with huge pink blotches all over their arms, legs and torsos.

Fortunately, there are a few preventative moves you can make to reduce your risk of bed bugs. These little critters are tenacious, and once you have bed bugs, it can be a long and elaborate process to fully get rid of them. So be sure to read up on these prevention tips, and try to incorporate them into your summer fun routine.

  • Inspect hotel rooms: One of the most common ways to “catch” bed bugs and bring them back to your home is by staying in a hotel that is infested. When you travel this summer, the first thing you should do after checking into your hotel is to thoroughly inspect the bed for signs of bed bugs. To do this, you’ll need to strip the bed down to its mattress, and look for red or brown streaks as well as the actual bugs. If there are any red flags, don’t hesitate to request another room, or better yet, find a new hotel altogether. Yes, it will be a hassle, but not as big a hassle as bed bug removal in Rochester, NH.
  • Use your suitcase: Even if you’re satisfied that your hotel room is free of bed bugs, it’s still a safe move to keep your clothes sealed in your suitcase, rather than putting them in the hotel drawers and closets. Bed bugs can infest these structures as well, and can easily settle into your clothes and come back with you to your home.
  • Wash clothes often: If you’re traveling a lot this summer, be sure to wash your clothes early and often. When you come back from a trip, wash your clothes as soon as you arrive home. Having your suitcase cleaned isn’t a bad idea, either.
  • Be wary of used furniture: During summer, many people purchase secondhand furniture at yard sales and antique fairs. A good deal and a cool retro style are difficult to pass up, but you should approach all used furniture with a very skeptical eye when it comes to bed bug prevention. If you do end up buying the piece, have it professionally cleaned before it even enters your home.
  • Always be aware: Movie theaters, hotels and even restaurants can all harbor bed bugs during the warmer months. You shouldn’t let fear get in the way of your summer fun, but do get in the habit of checking online to make sure there are no reports of bed bugs in businesses in your area.
  • Use screens: Finally, if you like to leave your door or windows open to let in a breeze during the summer, be sure you have a protective screen over the openings. Particularly persistent bed bugs can travel in from your neighbor’s place, especially if you live in an apartment complex.

To learn more about bed bugs and how to prevent or deal with an infestation, call Dependable Pest Solutions today.

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