Enjoy Your Backyard This Summer With Help From Pest Services in Rochester, NH

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but for plenty of homeowners who fail to take advantage of pest services in Rochester, NH, that fun is deterred once ants, bees, wasps and other pests pop up in their backyard. While some infestations are difficult to predict, there are plenty of simple and easy ways to prevent infestations from getting in the way of your summer parties.

As one of the premier pest services in Rochester, NH, we’ve been focusing on pest prevention for years, and we’ve learned exactly what it takes to exclude bees, wasps and ants from your summer barbecues. Read on to find out more about three highly prevalent outdoor summer pests, and how to keep them away from your deck, patio furniture and backyard as a whole.

  • Keep ants away: Having a few ants in your backyard is inevitable, and it’s also no cause for concern, as long as they remain in the low numbers. But as soon as you’re faced with anthills and huge colonies, you run the risk of letting them overrun your backyard, and you also have a higher risk of the seemingly harmless ants appearing inside your home. We believe that quality ant prevention is much more valuable than ant removal, which is why we can come over to your place anytime and use a variety of different exclusion methods on your home and backyard.
  • Deter bees: Bees are certainly a more serious problem to have than ants, as their stings can be painful and potentially deadly for those who are allergic. Having a fun summer afternoon overrun by bees is a nightmare shared by many homeowners, but when you take advantage of sound prevention services, you’ll gain some peace of mind. Bees love to nest in nooks and crannies, so we’ll thoroughly search your home and backyard to make sure you don’t have corners that could potentially be hospitable to bees.
  • Wasp prevention: Similarly to bees, wasps will take advantage of any available crevice of your home or backyard. When you call a professional wasp prevention service, they’ll seal off any and all troublesome cracks, and also take advantage of safe chemicals to deter wasps from your property.
  • Deck protection: There are a few backyard features many people have that often serve as havens for pests to nest and grow. Underneath your backyard patio deck is one particularly troublesome spot. If you have a deck with space underneath for pests to reside in, make sure you have a pest prevention service spray underneath it early and often.
  • Patio furniture protection: Sitting down only to find that your chair has a wasp’s nest underneath it is a seriously unsettling experience. Avoid having this happen to you or one of your guests by cleaning your patio furniture often, and by asking one of the pest services in Rochester, NH for prevention methods and tips.

We hope this guide proves to be useful for homeowners this summer. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dependable Pest Solutions.

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