5 Easy Pest Solutions For Rochester, NH Apartment Dwellers

No matter where you live, the risk of your home becoming infested with unwanted pests is an unsavory possibility for anyone. But when you live in an apartment complex, the risk of pest infestation goes up, and dealing with potential problems becomes much more difficult. Because of the cramped and cluttered nature of many apartments, and the fact that you don’t own the property and therefore cannot make too many changes yourself, pest solutions for Rochester, NH apartment dwellers may be hard to come by.

While a higher risk does exist for apartment dwellers, there’s no reason to give up and not try and keep the pests away. There are still may different things you can and should do to dramatically decrease your chances of becoming infested, and there are also many positive steps you can take even after an infestation. From your local pest prevention and removal experts, here are five helpful pest solutions for Rochester, NH apartment living.

  • Clean your kitchen: Whether you live in a traditional house, town home, mobile home, condo, apartment or anything else, the golden rule of keeping pests out of your home remains the same: maintain a spotless kitchen. This becomes even more crucial for apartment dwellers, as their risks are already higher. If you live with roommates, it can be difficult to maintain a tidy kitchen. Sitting down with your roommates, explaining your concerns and developing a schedule or fair division of duties will help the kitchen cleaning process go much more smoothly.
  • Eliminate clutter: Because apartments tend to have less space than traditional homes, it’s easy for clutter to develop, especially in shared living spaces. Unfortunately, many pests love clutter, as it gives them places to hide and nest. The same way you maintain a clean kitchen, work with your roommates to eliminate excessive clutter, especially in the form of cardboard boxes, blankets under your bed or old piles of papers.
  • Catch moisture problems: Many apartment buildings tend not to be as well maintained as traditional homes, because the owners are not around everyday to see the living conditions. If you notice any kind of moisture problems in your apartment, such as window condensation or leaky faucets or pipes, contact your landlord or property manager immediately. If they fail to respond to your concerns in a timely manner, consider moving if possible, or drying the moisture regularly yourself.
  • Keep your apartment sealed: If you’re friends with your neighbors or don’t have air conditioning, you may be accustomed to leaving your doors and windows open. Unfortunately, pests can easily travel from apartment to apartment this way, especially when those pests are bedbugs. If you wish to keep leaving your doors and windows open, install protective screens over them to cut down on tiny visitors.
  • Communicate: If you notice a pest infestation or potentially vulnerable area, take it upon yourself to speak with your roommates, neighbors and landlord or property manager about it. When you all work together, you can help keep the entire building safe from pest infestations.
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