Avoid the Need for Pest Removal in Rochester, NH with These Easy Preventative Measures

There are two stages to effective pest removal in Rochester, NH. The first is completely eliminating the pest infestation using a quality pest control company. Second, and just as important, is practicing preventative measures to ensure the pests do not return. Pest prevention is easy and should be practiced by any homeowner regardless of whether you have had an infestation or not. Read on for a simple guide to preventing pest infestation.

  • Clean living: A clean house helps prevent a pest infestation from occurring. Make sure you routinely clean up food and beverage spills, since these attract pests like nothing else. Also place garbage into cans with secure lids, and clean off kitchen counters with store-bought chemicals to deny pests easy access to food and water sources.
  • Closet clutter: Messy and cluttered closet areas make wonderful homes for pests. Especially because the area is dark, sometimes damp and well insulated due to clutter, pests can thrive in this environment. Eliminate clutter in closets, garages and storage areas. Doing so will help eliminate attractive homes for spiders, roaches and other pests.
  • Keep food stored properly: Store food in sealable containers in your pantry or kitchen cabinets to prevent pests from getting an easy snack. Fruit left in open bowls attracts flying bugs into your kitchen, and once they are there, they can be very difficult to eliminate. Also remember to not leave pet food in feeding bowls overnight.
  • Moisture control: Pests need moisture to survive. Prevent excess moisture from accumulating both inside and out by keeping faucets, plumbing pipes, garden hose spigots, gutters and downspouts and irrigation systems in good repair. Moisture in your basement is likely to attract pests and rodents, so resolve any leaks immediately. Standing water in your yard is also likely to attract a pest problem.
  • Proper landscaping techniques: After professional pest removal in Rochester, NH, you may need to consider adjusting your landscaping. Landscaping can either prevent pest infestation or attract it. Using landscaping stones around your foundation can help prevent an infestation. Meanwhile, over-mulching can actually attract pests. Talk to your pest control specialist about how you can modify your landscaping to prevent future pest problems.
  • Home maintenance: In certain circumstances, you may need to make some serious home repairs in order to keep pests or rodents out. Old windows easily allow pests inside. Holes in your roof or foundation provide an easy access point for rodents or larger pests. If you are serious about pest or rodent infestation prevention, you may need to consider larger home maintenance or repair projects.

Keep pests and rodents out using these easy-to-follow tips. If you already have a pest or rodent problem, do not hesitate to call Dependable Pest Solutions to safely and quickly eliminate the issue. After the problem is resolved, consider taking a few of the suggestions above and applying them in order to prevent a future infestation. Contact us today to learn more about pest and rodent infestation prevention and pest removal in Rochester, NH.

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