Closing Your Home to Pests During the Fall and Winter Seasons

It’s no secret that when the summer months start to fade and fall blows in, that we’re all just a little resentful. We love being outside and enjoying all of the outdoor activities that come with summer, so when we’re forced back inside our homes due to the dropping temperatures, it’s easy to drop a couple of notches on the happiness meter.

What can turn your mood from downtrodden to devastated, however, is realizing that you’re not the only one who has moved indoors for the winter season. Finding out that you’re sharing your home with pests is a major headache in and of itself, and one that’s sure to keep you busy all season long trying to eradicate them before you’re stuck with them all winter!

The best way to make sure you’re pest-free this fall and winter is to take the proper steps in making your home impervious to unwanted guests. Take a look at some simple pest solutions in Rochester, NH that are sure to lower the chances of pests in your home as the seasons begin to change:

  • First and foremost, have a pest control expert out to inspect your home in advance of the changing seasons—the end of summer is usually the best time to get an inspection in. This will pinpoint any major areas of concern that might become gateways for pest access into your home. A pest control expert can also give you the scoop on any pests that may be present during this time of year and what to look for as signs they might be trying to invade your home.
  • Do your best to make your home unappealing for pests by keeping it clean. We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but a fall cleanout is also a great way to get all of the excess junk out of your home and pave the way for a new level of cleanliness during the fall and winter parts of the year. It’ll also give you a standard of clean to maintain when you’re confined indoors due to inclement weather or harsh temperatures.
  • In the same vein as keeping your home tidy, don’t give pests any leeway in finding food in your home. This means tightly sealing all food when you put it away, not leaving food out and taking care to clean up any messes that might be food-related. Food is a big draw for insects and rodents alike, so eliminate any opportunities for them to get it!
  • This might be a hard one for many people, but taking care not to squish the occasional spider in your home can go a long way towards keeping your home pest free! Common house spiders can lead long and happy lives devouring smaller pests in your home and often, you’ll never even know they’re there!

Give these things a shot as you start to spend more and more time in your home during the latter months of the year and you’ll give yourself a head start in keeping out any unwanted house guests through the colder seasons. And remember, having an inspection done first and foremost will give you the very best odds at sealing your house off from the outside world of pests.

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