The Facts About Comprehensive Ant Removal in Rochester, NH

When you think about all of the terrible pests that could be lurking in your home, ants don’t seem like they’d top the list—what with having to contend with things like termites, bees, bed bugs or even cockroaches! But, just because ants aren’t as intimidating as these other pests doesn’t mean they’re any less of a threat to your home. In fact, ants can be the hardest of these pests to get rid of!

What makes ant removal in Rochester, NH so hard is the sheer tenacity of ants. They don’t sleep, they’re always working, they’re tiny enough to get almost anywhere in your home and they’re constantly growing their colony! With a natural intuition that’s programmed to work, work, work, it’s no wonder getting every last ant out of your home is a bother.

So, how does an expert approach ant removal and why is their method more effective than simply spraying your home yourself? Well, for starters, a professional exterminator will get straight to the source: the queen. When you eliminate the queen ant, no more new workers can be born, which means colony collapse begins almost immediately—and, when you consider that ants don’t live very long, the turnover of an entire colony could be a matter of days.

Now, the other reason a professional is much more advised to tackle ant removal in Rochester, NH is because along with eliminating the queen, an exterminator will expedite the eradication of the entire colony all at once. While you might lay a few traps and kill of a few dozen ants, an exterminator is going to utilize chemicals that rapidly eradicate the entire ant population. What you’re left with is a completely eradicated colony and, even if there are a few straggler ants that have survived, they’re soon to die because their queen is gone as well.

Presto! By attacking an ant colony at the very core and targeting ants on a widespread level, an exterminator is going to get unparalleled results when it comes to ant removal in Rochester, NH.

Think you’re up to the task of tackling an ant colony and fully eradicating them from your home? Take a look at some facts that might have you second-guessing your abilities as compared to a professional who can guarantee results:

  • A “full” ant colony generally reaches its peak at around 2,000 ants. After a colony has reached peak capacity, ant scouts are sent out to create satellite colonies! One full colony can quickly expand to four or five satellite colonies in the span of a few months.
  • Ants can cause an average of $500-$600 in structural damage to a home in the span of a year if left unchecked.
  • For every ant you see, it’s safe to assume there are 8-10 others you’re not seeing.

If you’re willing to risk the above with a DIY approach to ant removal, go right ahead! If you want to avoid all of that and more, it might be a wise idea to go with a professional approach. Give Dependable Pest Solutions a call today if you suspect or have proof of an ant problem in your home.

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