Get Serious About Pest Removal in Rochester, NH, Before it Damages Your Property Value

Homeowners need to take pests seriously. Though generally considered mere annoyances, bugs and rodents actually pose a far more serious threat. They have the ability to damage your home and property and can create serious financial problems as a result, leading to the need for new construction and rewiring.

Even if you think the infestation is small, it can very quickly get out of hand and it won’t be long before you see the effects of it in your home and property value. These issues can include:

  • Structural damage: One of the most serious and expensive pest infestations you can have is with carpenter ants or termites. These bugs feed on wood and they can very quickly cause serious structural damage to your home if they are left unchecked. Every sale of a house includes a termite inspection and, if your home is found to be infested, you will need to treat and repair any damage in order to sell the property. This can be extremely costly and may even cause a sale to fall through, as many homeowners are reluctant to purchase a home if it has recently been invaded. Be sure to stay on top of this possibility with regular inspections from a company that specializes in pest removal in Rochester, NH.
  • Insulation and wiring: When rodents get inside your homes, they can feed on insulation and even chew through wires. This can wreak havoc on your electricity and power, and it can even be a safety issue. Faulty wiring caused by pests may increase your risk of a fire. Additionally, when your insulation is compromised, you may find you are spending more on utilities as a result. Though these rodents may look innocent, they can cause serious issues for your home and may even present a safety concern.
  • Landscape damage: Property values are not just impacted by pests inside your home. You may also need to look into pest removal in Rochester, NH, if you find you have a pest problem outside. Certain bugs and rodents can invade your trees and gardens and lay ruin to the property. For instance, gypsy moths have been known to ruin entire stands of trees and rodents may dig up your yards and gardens. Whenever you think you have a pest issue, don’t delay in getting the problem taken care of. Remember: if you have a pest issue in your yard, it will not be the long before those pests find their way inside.

When you have a pest problem, it’s important to act quickly before your home or property is damaged. Often when these issues are left unchecked for too long, there can be serious consequences, including structural and wiring damage that can cost thousands to repair. If you think you have an issue with pests, consider pest removal in Rochester, NH, with Dependable Pest Solutions at 603-948-2039.

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