Winter Intruders: Pest Services in Rochester, NH

Though we more often associate pests with the summer months when we’re outside and have to beware of mosquitos and black flies, they can also invade in the cold months of winter. Though it is less likely that you’ll see a house fly or beetle in your home during the winter, you should be aware that the pests you do see can be very difficult to remove. Often they are brought in because of the cold, or they may have been there all along and are only discovered once the windows are sealed for the season. Some of the most common winter pests include:

  • Winged carpenter ants: In the summer, it’s not uncommon for bugs and other pests to find their way into your home through open windows or doors. With more coming and going in the warm summer months, there is often no need for alarm when you see a pest. However, once winter comes, if you see a winged carpenter ant, there is likely a cause for concern, as this could mean there is a carpenter ant nest within the home. These bugs can cause structural damage, so do not hesitate to call for pest services in Rochester, NH.
  • Mice: As the temperature outside drops, it’s not uncommon for outdoor rodents to seek warmer shelters. Sometimes this means they can sneak into your home through crawlspaces and other openings. If you notice evidence of pests or hear scampering inside your walls, it’s time to call on pest services in Rochester, NH, before the problem gets out of hand.
  • Bed bugs: During the winter months, bed bugs have been known to ramp up their infestations. If you’ve ever dealt with these pesky critters, you know they can be extremely difficult to remove and can wreak havoc on your home. At the first sign of bed bugs—often evidenced through their telltale three bite hallmark—contact an exterminator with experience removing these stubborn bugs.
  • Firewood pests: There is nothing nicer in the winter than settling down in front of a lovely wood-burning fireplace. While this is one of the most relaxing ways to spend your winter evenings, don’t get sloppy with the wood you bring into your home. This wood can be the home to firewood pests who can invade your home. Be sure to inspect it carefully for signs of an infestation. If you see anything crawling on the wood, remove it from your home immediately.

If you suspect a pest invasion during the winter months, don’t delay calling on pest services in Rochester, NH. These bugs and rodents can be very difficult to remove and may even multiply if you delay. Infestations can cause structural damage and health problems. Remember that it’s not enough just to keep your windows and doors closed as pests can sneak in through crawlspaces or even on your firewood. No matter what the season is, if you need an exterminator you can count on, consider choosing Dependable Pest Solutions at 603-948-2039.

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