Beware Unseen Attic Pests this Winter

We like to think of the winter season as a time of year when pests aren’t a bother. But, while it’s true that insects and animals alike tend to become scarce during the winter season, it’s also true that some pests relish in making our lives even more difficult as the end of the year approaches. Small mammals in particular can wreck havoc on our houses as they seek refuge from the winter weather!

One area of your home that’s particularly susceptible to unwanted residents during the winter months—and we’re not talking about the in-laws—is your attic. Small rodents like rats, mice and squirrels have a knack for finding their way into your home through your attic and, often times, proliferating out of sight in this cozy space. With insulation to nest in and no disturbances to force them into cover, small mammals can quickly lay waste to your attic!

More often than not it’s going to take the thorough approach of an exterminator when it comes to rodent removal in Rochester, NH for your attic, but when it comes to realizing the problem in the first place, there are a few things you can do to stay on top of intrusions before they occur or get out of hand.

Preventing attic pests

If you can stop critters getting into your attic altogether, it’s obviously going to be a more desirable option than dealing with rodent removal in Rochester, NH. This isn’t always as easy as you might think, however—rodents can fit through even the tiniest openings, meaning your efforts to secure your attic have to be encompassing. Some tips include:

  • Look for holes or compromised areas in the soffits and eaves of your roof. If you find even the smallest gap, have it sealed up before it becomes an entryway for critters.
  • Caulk any small openings in your attic’s interior, to prevent intrusion beyond your home’s exterior walls.
  • Clean your attic and remove any debris that might make inviting nesting areas.

The more you can do to both seal off your attic and make it a place that’s uninviting to rodents and other small mammals, the better the chance you have at keeping them at bay this winter.

Identifying attic pests

If it’s too late and your attic has already become home to an unwanted guest, it’s not hard to spot the signs:

  • Shredded insulation and clumps that have been chewed out are likely the result of nesting mice or rats.
  • Paw prints in the dust, droppings on the floor and the skittering noises you hear above your head could be anything from a squirrel to a raccoon.
  • Scratch marks and claw marks on wood can also be indicative of any number of small mammals.

It’s tremendously important that you not try to exterminate or trap animals in your attic because doing so could lead to a number of detrimental outcomes. Rodents and outdoor mammals are disease carriers, they could become frightened and violent if they feel trapped and, above all, you might put yourself in a situation that’s beyond your capabilities to resolve.

If you suspect your attic is playing host to some unwanted houseguests this winter season, call for rodent removal in Rochester, NH immediately and ask your exterminator about how you can protect this critical area of your home against future intrusions.

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