The Basics of Squirrel Removal in Rochester, NH

Take a moment to think about different household pests. Chances are, your mind will wander to the usual suspects: ants, mice, rats, termites and even bees. And rightfully so: these pests are frequently the perpetrators of home destruction, wrecking havoc out of sight until you unearth them one day and have to call an exterminator.

But would you believe that during the winter months, there’s a far more likely intruder to your home? We’re talking about squirrels! That’s right, squirrels are frequently found in homes when the weather starts to become inclement and many homeowners find themselves calling for squirrel removal in Rochester, NH when they realize they’re playing host to these otherwise innocuous critters!

Where do they come from?

The most common area of the home that ends up becoming a nesting ground for squirrels is the attic. Attics offer a quiet, dark place where squirrels can nest undisturbed and thanks to the prevalence of insulation, they’re able to make quite the home for themselves! What’s more, many squirrels use your home’s attic as a place to store food, which means your attic can quickly become a mess, inviting even more pests.

Squirrels find their way into your attic via gaps in your home’s soffits and eaves and other roof-related entrances, which can go unnoticed to the naked eye. And, like mice and rats, they can shimmy their way through even the tightest of openings to gain entrance to your attic.

Are the dangerous?

Often times, when people realize they have a squirrel in their attic their first thought is to simply snag it and toss it back outside. It’s imperative that you do not do this. Squirrels might look cute and cuddly, but handling them might leave you wishing you hadn’t.

Squirrels aren’t violent and won’t often fight when caught like mice or rats will, but they still have claws and teeth that can pierce your skin. The true danger of squirrels comes with handling them: they’re notorious carriers of bacteria. Picking up a squirrel means exposing yourself to whatever it’s carrying and, considering these critters are foragers, means any number of microbes that might not come off with soap and water.

Do you have a squirrel in your attic?

Determining if there’s a squirrel in your attic isn’t always easy, but there are a few telltale signs that you might need a pest control expert to inspect your attic:

  • If you constantly see a squirrel hanging around your home, it likely has a nest nearby… one that could be in your attic.
  • If you hear a slight skittering above your head, it could indicate pests in your attic.
  • If you pop your head into your attic and can hear or even see a small animal moving around, it’s likely a squirrel.

Because squirrels are not prolific reproducers like rats and mice, squirrel removal in Rochester, NH is made much easier if and when it’s needed—usually it’s just a single squirrel that you’re dealing with. With the proper steps to remove it and some care taken to sealing up your home against future intrusions, you can go back to watching the squirrels on your property play in the snow, rather than worrying about them in your attic!

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