Make Your Home Less Appealing to Rodents During the Winter Season

New Hampshire’s winters are less than inviting. As the duet likes to tell us: “baby, it’s cold outside.”

Rodents agree. They apparently don’t like to be out in that weather any more than we do. What’s the result? They do what they can to find a way to share your warm cozy home with you for the winter. And they don’t even offer to pay part of the heating bill. Now you’re stuck with uninvited guests and have to deal with rodent removal in Rochester, NH!

The good news is you don’t have to invite them in. There are some fairly simple steps you can take to make your home less inviting and harder to access. Use the following tips to keep out rats and mice seeking shelter from the winter weather:

  • Yard clean-up. Rodents are seeking places to nest and food to eat. Keep your yard clear of debris and clutter to eliminate any potential homes and food sources. Get rid of piles of trash, leaves, or other inviting rubble.
  • Clear the perimeter. Keep inviting things away from your home. Don’t let leaves pile up next to your house. Don’t store containers next to your home. Be sure to eliminate any potential places rodents might find attractive that will lead them close to the building.
  • Firewood stacks. If you have a pile of firewood, store it on pallets supported by concrete blocks. It’s also important to keep it away from your home. Even though it seems more convenient to have the wood near the door for access, any convenience evaporates the minute mice infest your home.
  • Bird watching. If you enjoy bird watching, invest in a bird bath rather than a bird feeder. The seed that spills out or blows around is very enticing for rodents. It’s almost like putting out a welcome mat.
  • Seed storage. If you simply can’t live without your bird feeder, store seed in metal containers located in rodent-proof areas. It’s also important to clear your yard of any spills from wind or squirrels each day.
  • Pet food. Store this in metal containers too. It also helps to put out only what your pet will eat right away. Serving one meal at a time avoids leaving pet food around to become pest food.
  • Metal trash cans. Rodent teeth easily chew right through plastic, wood and light aluminum. Use metal trash cans with tight-fitting metal lids.
  • Scoop frequently. Keep your yard clear of dog feces. Dispose of it regularly to make your yard less inviting to rodents.
  • Trim everything. Heavy vegetation around your home is a breeding ground for rodents. Ivy, blackberries, and hanging branches are all potential invites for rodents. Keep things trimmed far back from the house. At least three feet is a good distance. Otherwise, the rodents breeding there will quickly find their way into the even more inviting space of your home.

Call Dependable Pest Solutions

Mice can enter your home through a dime-sized gap. Rats can get in through a quarter-sized opening. Even with these many preventative measures, it’s possible these pests will find their way into your home seeking a winter haven. For reliable rodent removal in Rochester, NH, contact the professionals at Dependable Pest Solutions.

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