Why Don’t Household Traps Work Well for Rodent Removal in Rochester, NH?

You’ve found evidence of a rodent visitor in your home. Maybe you’ve even seen the invader scurrying along the wall! What now? Many people default to setting a trap to catch the creature. This is a bad idea. In fact, you’ll not only fail to solve the problem, you could create more issues to deal with. For rodent removal in Rochester, NH, it’s best to call an exterminator. Here’s why:

Top five reasons traps aren’t the solution for rodents

  1. It only traps one: Typically, for every mouse you see, there are 15 to 20 other mice nearby. The other bad news is that female mice can reproduce every 21 days and can produce up to 50 offspring per year. Catching one mouse in a trap clearly won’t solve your problem. Even if you do manage to catch one, there are more where he came from. At their rate of reproduction, you’ll never keep up.
  2. Future families will find you: The only long-term solution is to find the rodent entry point and block it. You must stop them from getting in, or it’s going to be an ongoing problem. Trap after trap catching one at a time may rid your house of the current population, but more will inevitably find their way in if you don’t take care of their entrance.
  3. Startled rodents are even harder to catch: Many times, a trap will fail to actually trap the rodent. Instead, he is simply startled. After this experience, he will be more likely to avoid traps in the future. All you’ve done is make him wise to your schemes. Maybe he’ll even tell the others what you are up to.
  4. Traps can be inhumane: A rodent may not be killed instantly by a trap. Instead, its leg or tail may get caught in the trap. It could remain injured and stuck there for days until you discover it or it starves. Most of us want to be rid of them, but not torture them. Traps are not the most humane way to free yourself from these pests.
  5. Escapees can cause damage: If a rodent is caught in a trap by its leg or tail, or injured in some other way that is not immediately fatal, it may be able to escape the trap. Often, it then crawls away and dies inside your wall. This results in undesirable odor in your home that you can’t access to remove. It can also attract bugs. If this happens, you have escalated from rodent infestation to rodent and insect infestation. Nobody wants that situation.

Call for backup instead

Rather than step into these pitfalls of rodent traps, simply call your exterminator. Dependable Pest Solutions will provide professional services to help you stop future infestations, rid your home of the entire population of rodents, and protect you from creating additional pest problems in your home. Don’t fall into a rodent trap. If you are in need of rodent removal in Rochester, NH, call Dependable Pest Solutions today.

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