Now’s the Time to Consider Spring Bug Control Measures

As the snow melts away and the green grass begins to peek out, it is obvious that spring has officially sprung! While spring is a time of beautiful weather and blossoming flowers, it is also prime time for insects to emerge from their nests in order to search for food.

Insects do not care if they are foraging for food in a park or in your home, and a few bugs can quickly turn into an infestation. One of the best ways to avoid the nuisance of an infestation is to take preventative measures around your home. Before you call for professional pest control in Rochester, NH, here are a few precautionary steps to take in order to prevent bugs in your home:

Use sealed containers

Whether you are storing dog food, pistachios or dried fruit in your pantry, make sure that it is store in an air-tight container in to prevent any infestation. Improperly stored food is like a handwritten invitation for bugs, inviting them into your home. If you notice bugs lurking around your pantry, contact a professional pest control service in Rochester, NH to quickly eliminate the problem.

Secure any points of entry

As the weather warms up, check throughout your home for any cracks along the window and doors. Also, take extra precautions when examining window screens for holes. One other hot spot is around any light fixtures, as insects will usually gather in this area. To keep bugs from entering your home at these points make sure you seal the cracks. Consider adding a mesh barrier to the space under your porch to discourage bigger pests, such as a raccoon or skunk, from entering the area.

Remove standing water

An arm full of mosquito bites can ruin a family camping trip, but they can also transmit deadly diseases, such as West Nile Virus. One way to make sure mosquitoes are not causing you to feel itchy in your own home is to eliminate any standing water on your property. These nuisances love nothing more than flying around standing water, where they’re known to lay their eggs.

Clean up after your pets

Some bugs are drawn to pet waste. Even if your dog only uses the bathroom in the backyard, you are still inviting bugs into your home by letting it sit. Another way is to clean up any pet food that falls onto the floor around the dish.

Prune outside plants

One of the best options for pest control in Rochester, NH is to take care of your outdoor plants. When trees and shrubs come in contact with your home insects are drawn to the area. It is best to keep tree branches trimmed so they do not rest on your roof. Branches and shrubs that touch your home are like a direct door into your home.

Even if you take the proper precautions, unwanted bugs may still infiltrate your home. Hiring professional pest control in Rochester, NH, the experts at Dependable Pest Control can help you keep rodents, insects and other wildlife away from your home and outside where they belong.

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