Call Your Pest Control Service in Rochester, NH to Eliminate Wasps and Hornets This Summer

Summer means outdoor enjoyment, relaxing in your yard or on your deck. A frequent challenge to this relaxation is the pests who share this space. Wasps and hornets can be very unfriendly neighbors. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to discourage them from taking up residence. If they have already moved in, pest control service in Rochester, NH is always available. Here are a few things you can try on your own, too.

Prevention tips

  • Watchful eye: Nest construction starts in late spring and early summer. Keep an eye out for new nests. If you can catch them and eliminate them early, there is much less risk. Check awnings, play equipment, grills, overhangs, eaves and any other sheltered nooks around your deck or patio.
  • Early destruction: If you discover a tiny nest with only a few egg cells, you can usually knock this down fairly safely and simply squash it. During spring and early summer when these nests are first started and still small, the queen is usually the only mobile resident. Still, you should only attempt this during the coolest part of the day. Sunrise is a good time.
  • Special scents: The queen wasp chooses the place to set up house. You can discourage her with scents she doesn’t like. Try spraying or rubbing potential nest sites with citronella oil, mint, geranium or rosemary. You can also try hanging bunches of fresh-cut herbs. These will help keep stinging pests away.
  • Trickery: Did you know flying predators are territorial? They won’t build a new nest close to an existing one. Hang a fake wasp’s nest early in the season in a visible location. The wasps or hornets won’t be interested in building within 200 feet or so of this fake nest.

Eradication tips

  • Time of day: If you decide to try to kill off nest occupants to take back your yard, do so carefully. The best time to spray a nest is at night or during the coolest part of the early morning. Paper wasps can be treated during the day, but don’t stand directly below the nest if you try this. The spray will cause the insects to drop instantly, so you don’t want to be standing underneath it.
  • Patience: After you have sprayed a nest, do not try to remove it right away. Wait and watch for a couple of days. Re-treat the nest if you still see activity. When you see there is no further activity, then remove and throw away the nest. Don’t leave it in place, as future wasps or hornets could reuse it. An abandoned nest also attracts ants and other scavenging insects.
  • Gear: The safest option is to call professional pest control service in Rochester, NH. If you want to try eliminating wasps or hornets yourself, dress appropriately. Wear gloves, long pants tucked into your socks, a high-necked shirt with long sleeves and a head net or kerchief over your hair. A full wasp suit is highly recommended, as it is sealed at the wrists, ankles and collar.

Of course, the most effective method is to let the pros handle your wasp or hornet problem. Dependable Pest Solutions will treat nests and dispose of your pests in no time. You can take back your deck, your yard, your patio or your pool without risk of harm. Don’t get stung this summer. Contact your trusted pest control service in Rochester, NH today.

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