Keep Pests Away with Needed Home Repairs

Have you been putting off a few less-than-urgent home repairs? Busy with dozens of other pressing issues, many homeowners let these seemingly small issues slide. However, poor home maintenance can contribute to a variety of pest problems. Before you know it, you must call for pest removal in Rochester, NH. Basic maintenance and repairs can be a huge help in keeping pests at bay. Complete the following projects to keep your home free of unwanted pests:

  • Insulation replacement: Have you taken a peek in your attic lately? The insulation here is very inviting to pests. Check it regularly for damage from leaks or simple breakdown over time. Look for any evidence of pest occupancy. If your insulation is infested or damaged, replace it. This will ensure you achieve the best insulation and remove any current pest-inviting environment.
  • Basement cleaning and sealing: Pests like mice only need a dime-sized opening to enter your home. They can easily find their way into your basement. Here, they produce droppings and urine and destroy insulation or other nest-friendly items. To prevent this, seal all openings with metal barriers installed by pest removal in Rochester, NH. It is also important to clean up all evidence of pests, to discourage future habitation and to prevent damage from urine or feces buildup.
  • Exterior cleanup: Birds often seek nooks and crannies on the outside of your home for building nests. At times, homeowners find that these birds work their way into the home. Check your gutters, eaves, chimneys, light fixtures and other inviting areas for nests. Remove debris. Clean out current nests. Unclog gutters. Keep your exterior clean and clear to create an environment that is not pest friendly.
  • Deck and patio repair: Pests often dig under patios and decks. Once underneath, they may create a home in this space, or keep digging until they find their way into your home. Ensure your outdoor enjoyment area isn’t inviting pests to the party. To keep them out, seal up all openings. Repair any cracks or breaks. Fill any spaces between the foundation and deck or patio.
  • Gap closing: Any opening to your home is an invitation to pests. Do you have any broken screens? Do you see any gaps around cables or pipes that enter your home? Replace or repair broken screens. Fill in these gaps around utility lines. This will help prevent snakes and rodents from finding entrance to your home.
  • Roof inspection: Your roof not only keeps out the rain. It can also keep out the pests—or invite them in! Look over your roof regularly to assess any signs of damage or wear. Even the smallest holes can admit mice, birds and bats. Of course, holes also let in water, which can cause additional damage to the interior of your home. By keeping close tabs on your roof and making any needed repairs as soon as possible, you can help keep your home safe and secure from pests.

Pests see a lack of home maintenance as an open invitation to move in. Keep them at bay by keeping up with these minor projects. And of course, if you really want to ensure the pests don’t return, get in touch with Dependable Pest Solutions today for pest removal in Rochester, NH.

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