Wasp and Hornet Prevention: What You Need to Know

Summer is a fantastic time of the year. The sun is shining, the grass is green, the sky is blue, a jacket is not necessary and the fresh air can be enjoyed by all. But with all of the wonderful aspects of summer comes one aspect many of us don’t like: bugs.

Mosquitoes and mosquito bites are one thing, but wasps and hornet bites are much more painful. The fear of them may lead people to stay inside and spend only limited amounts of time outdoors during the summer, when wasps and hornets are most active.

Looking out for wasps and hornets not only helps shield your family and friends from stings and bites, it also helps your outdoor space become much more enjoyable during the summer. The following are some tips for pest solutions in Rochester, NH, so you can once again enjoy your space:

  • Look for nests: Wasps and hornets often build nests in early spring, so it’s smart to check your home and your garden in early spring for any nests that have already started to be built. The earlier you catch them, the easier they are to get rid of. The nests are often walnut or golf ball in size. They are typically found in lofts, sheds, cavities in walls, under roof eaves or in garages. The most popular wasps and hornets build nests with a papery covering or nests that look like an upside down umbrella.
  • Close lids tightly: Wasps and hornets are attracted to food, especially discarded food remnants and other smelly items in the trash. Make sure that those garbage cans inside your garage or outside of your building are closed tightly. In addition, make sure you keep these bins at a distance from doors and windows. Put a garbage can with a loose lid too close to a door and wasps and hornets will be in your house in no time.
  • Keep your doors ad windows shut: This is often common sense, but it’s never a bad reminder. The easiest way for those pesky pests to get in your house is through an open door or window. If you need to open a window to cool down the temperature in your house, make sure there’s a screen on it.
  • Keep your family and friends safe: If you have spotted a nest, keep children and pests away from it. Call a professional to treat the nest right away. The earlier you do so, the less likely it is that your children will be scarred from going outdoors because of painful stings.

If you notice a high number of wasps and hornets in your home and you’re following all of the above tips, you must have missed a nest. A nest may be nearby but not on your property or nests can be in hard to reach or confined spaces. The best thing to do is call the neighbors who have the wasp or hornet nest and let them know or call a pest solution company to get rid of the hard-to-reach nest. For an easy pest solution in Rochester, NH, call Dependable Pest Solutions!

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