Signs You Need a Pest Control Service in Rochester, NH

You’ve kept your home clean. You’ve patched up all holes in the wall. You keep food stored away. Despite all of this, you are still having pest problems in your home.

It can be quite frustrating, but even when you do everything right, there are still some circumstances in which you simply cannot prevent pests from getting into your home. When this happens, you need the assistance of an exterminator to eliminate the infestation.

Here are some signs you need to call a pest control service in Rochester, NH for extermination:

  • Your home has too much moisture: Many pests flock to moisture and darkness. If you have problems with moisture in your home, you might not even initially notice the presence of these pests, because they are going to stay out of sight in the dark, wet areas. However, you can prevent this from turning into an issue by getting an inspection from a pest control agency. You should, of course, also take whatever steps are necessary to reduce the amount of moisture in your home. Increase ventilation, run dehumidifiers and take other steps to dry out the air.
  • You notice droppings: If you have seen droppings or patches of urine anywhere in your home, you could have a problem with roaches or rodents. Rodent droppings are slightly larger than cockroach droppings, which are a little smaller and look like pepper. Either one is a major health concern, as these animals carry diseases. You will want to remove them from your home as quickly as possible.
  • You notice damage to your property: If you can see that your furniture, walls, clothing or rugs have unexplained damage, or if you can hear rustling sounds coming from inside your walls, this is a good indicator of a pest presence. Even if you haven’t noticed any droppings or pests themselves, these are tell tale signs that they are at least beginning to reside inside your home.
  • You’ve actually seen the pests: Where there’s one, there are almost certainly more, especially when it comes to insects. Even with rats and mice, there are likely more hiding away in the walls. Considering how fast these bugs and animals breed, you need to act quickly if you want to have any hope of efficiently removing them from your home.
  • You’ve already tried setting traps: The first step many people take when they become aware of pests in their home is to try to trap them and remove them by themselves. Sometimes this works, and the insect or rodent threat is eliminated. Other times it does not, and the problem actually worsens over time because you were unable to remove all of the pests before they started breeding. A skilled exterminator can finish the job for you if you are unable to eliminate them all yourself.

Contact a pest removal service in Rochester, NH as soon as you discover a pest threat inside your home. We hope you’ll reach out to Dependable Pest Solutions for more information about our services.

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