Busting Myths About Bed Bug Removal in Rochester, NH

Bed bug infestations can happen in places that you wouldn’t normally suspect. The two most common assumptions are that these insects only live in beds, and that they are only found in dirty homes. The reality is quite different, and identifying myths about bed bugs and bed bug removal in Rochester, NH can help you to remain prepared to protect your home.

Why are they called “bed bugs”?

Bed bugs are most frequently found in areas that involve bedding, including mattresses, headboards, sheets, pillows, box springs and bed frames. They also feed most actively during the night because their human hosts are sleeping during this time, and they are able to feed unnoticed and undisturbed. Due to their perceived nocturnal nature and their proclivity for bedding and sleeping areas, the name “bed bugs” seems appropriate. But thinking that these insects won’t come out when the lights are on is a mistake, because no amount of darkness or cleanliness necessarily guarantees prevention of an infestation.

Where can bed bugs actually be found?

Many make the automatic assumption that bed bugs are confined to places that are habitually dirty or similar places that lack the resources to take care of the pests before they become a larger problem. The reality is that these pests can be found just about anywhere, including areas that remain clean and free of clutter, because they can go months without actively feeding on a host. They are attracted to warmth, blood and human breathing patterns, not dirtiness, although unnecessary clutter does provide them with great places to hide.

Ultimately, anywhere you’ll find people, there is the potential for bed bugs to follow. They wait patiently wherever large amounts of people gather regularly, such as movie theaters, doctor’s offices, apartment buildings, public transportation or office buildings. You could be going out for a night of family fun and unknowingly be taking these pests home with you, giving them new breeding grounds. All bed bugs need is a sufficiently steady blood supply every few months and warmth to hatch their eggs, and the location doesn’t matter.

Another unsuspecting way that human hosts pick up these bed bugs along the way is through traveling and visiting hotels in different locations. Hotels are required to conduct year-round pest inspections and preventative exterminations, but over time different bed bug species have built immunities to these measures and are able to withstand and outlast these blasts. Someone might also unknowingly bring them in to a hotel in between extermination cycles, during which time the bed bugs move on to new hosts. They will hitchhike and travel until they find a place that they can call home.

Bed bugs have incredibly high mobility, and it’s hard to completely manage insects and other pests that are able to move around so freely. You might, through no fault of your own, find yourself needing bed bug removal in Rochester, NH. If you are in this situation, defend your home by calling Dependable Pest Solutions today to keep these pests from infesting your property.

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