Taking a Look at the Latest Innovations in Pest Solutions in Rochester, NH

We are living in a world in which technological advancements have affected how all businesses are run, and the pest control industry has not been exempt from this technological revolution. With all of these technological changes, the options for pest solutions in Rochester, NH have grown, and these innovations will continue to push the pest control industry forward in the future.

Bed beg monitors

Taking into account bed bugs’ fondness for warmth, any type of technology that incorporates a heating mechanism as the bait can be very effective. A bed bug monitor works by simulating some of the human behaviors that these critters are so attracted to. Once the monitor is started, the machine emits regulated heat levels, in addition to imitating human breathing patterns. The monitor even comes fully equipped with spikes along the bottom, intended to resemble human hair growing out of follicles. Once inside, the bed bugs get stuck to an adhesive and are trapped inside the unit.

Pest control insulation

One of the reasons that pest insulation is becoming so popular is because the benefits are twofold. The active ingredient included in the insulation material, borate, is used to attract the pests. Upon ingestion, the bed bugs get sick and eventually die. In the meantime, they will take the chemical back to the colony and spread it throughout, gradually taking care of your pest problem for good. With this inside of the building materials, insulation becomes the perfect all-in-one solution. Not only is the insulation handling your pest problem, but it is also simultaneously providing a much needed temperature barrier for your home.

One great area to add this insulation is the attic, where a lot of critters may begin their journey in your home. The attic is also the key area in your home where a lot of air conditioning and heat may escape throughout the year. Warm, direct heat from the sun settles in the attic area, causing you to have to run your air conditioner longer because everything directly underneath will be warmer as well. With insulation, not only will you be keeping pests from getting into your home and becoming a nuisance, but you will also have a home that remains cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, resulting in savings on your energy bill year-round.

Heat treatment

Also known as thermal remediation treatment, the heat treatment blasts critters out of your home with extreme levels of heat, and is an effective method for controlling pest problems. Dispensing temperatures that exceed 113 degrees, this method will kill adult bed bugs within minutes, and their eggs within an hour. If the heat is dispersed evenly throughout your home, you will be able to mount an attack on not only bed bugs, but all other types of critters that could potentially be eliminated in the crossfire. This process is usually carried out with portable heating systems that are powerful enough to evenly distribute this intense heat, either forcing the bugs out of your home or killing them through direct contact.

No matter which method you would like to learn more about or what type of infestation you may have, it is important to look in to pest solutions in Rochester, NH. If you notice a pest problem, contact Dependable Pest Solutions and allow us to create a custom plan to rid your home of any unwanted visitors right away.

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