A Pest Control Service in Rochester, NH Can Help You Get Rid of Bugs This Winter

As it gets colder outside, you may notice that you have more bugs in your house than ever before. These pests take shelter in your house and find nice sunny spots to inhabit. A pest control service in Rochester, NH can help you eliminate these pests from entering your house and becoming a nuisance.

Why do insects love your home?

Pests such as bees, stinkbugs, ladybugs and box elder bugs look for warm spots to call home as the weather starts to get colder. While some insects die off when the winter hits, these bugs make their way into your home and can create infestations that are hard to control.

These bugs like the sunny spots that your home provides, as you will notice them on windows or walls that get frequent sun exposure. While one or two of these bugs may be tolerable, when they show up in great numbers is when you need to be concerned and call a pest control service in Rochester, NH for help.

Because these insects send out a signal through their pheromones that they have found a safe and warm spot for shelter, it likely won’t be long before you see more and more of them. This can be truly annoying and create an infestation of hundreds or even thousands of bugs if you don’t take action immediately. A pest control service in Rochester, NH will know how to eliminate the bugs that are in your home and stop them from reentering all winter.

What to do when you have an infestation

While it may be tempting to start killing off these bugs by squashing them, it is recommended that you don’t do this, as stinkbugs, lady bugs, and box elder bugs give off a foul smell when they are killed in this way. They can also ooze liquids when squished, causing staining on your walls, doors and windows. Call a pest control service in Rochester, NH to help you take care of these pests, as they will have the best remedy for removing them without causing damage.

While no one wants bugs in their home, you don’t have to panic if you see ladybugs, box elders or stinkbugs, as they won’t bite or damage your belongings if left alone. Take care in removing wasps or bees, though, as they can sting when they become defensive. The best course of action if you have an insect infestation is to call a pest control service in Rochester, NH to come help you remove them.

A pest control service in Rochester, NH can eliminate these insects from your home and seal entryways where they are getting in, such as cracks and holes. Call Dependable Pest Solutions to have insects removed from your home or business. We are an experienced pest control service that can eliminate any type of problem or infestation you are suffering from, quickly and efficiently, and using only the safest and most reliable methods. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment!

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