Call for Rodent Removal in Rochester, NH and Avoid Unwanted Winter Company

As winter approaches and the cold weather hits, you are not the only one looking for shelter from the elements. Both mice and rats look for cozy spots in your home to live and feed. While almost every home opens itself up to these critters come winter, you can invest in rodent removal in Rochester, NH to get rid of them.

Signs of rodent infestation

You will most definitely know if you have mice or rats in your home, as they leave a trail along their way. You will see droppings that are brown and black in color spread throughout the areas of your house that most likely offer them warmth and food.

You may also notice gnawing marks on certain food packages within your cupboard, such as flours and grain products, as these is their preference. Both rats and mice seek shelter in your home because of the abundance of food that your home offers. Seek out rodent removal in Rochester, NH if you see any of these signs that rodents have taken residency in your home.

Rats and mice are also notorious for chewing on objects in your home, such as wires and wood furniture. If you see signs that your belongings are getting marred by these pests, it is imperative that you call for rodent removal in Rochester, NH, as not only are rat and mice droppings filled with bacteria, but the damage to your belongings can quickly become unsightly and uncontrollable without the help a pest service.

Prevent rodents from entering your home

Mice and rats get into your home through a variety of entry points. They look for holes and gaps where they can collapse their bodies and squeeze through them to get into your home. Examine your home’s interior and exterior for any areas where you think these critters can get in. Look for cracks and gaps that can form around doors and windows.

When you see evidence of mice or rats in your home, try setting traps to remove them from the premises. Both live traps and bait boxes are effective in catching these rodents. Be sure to place them in areas where you see the rats and mice have been active. It is likely they will return to these spots, as they probably have found food close by.

For the most effective means of removing both mice and rats from your home, hire a pest control service for rodent removal in Rochester, NH. Professionals can provide an efficient means to getting rid of your pest problem, as they will look for entrances into your home and come up with a strategy to get these rodents out of your home quickly.

During the winter months, be sure to keep an eye out for any signs that you have mice or rats living in your home. Call for rodent removal in Rochester, NH when you want an immediate solution for eliminating them. For pest control services, contact Dependable Pest Solutions. We are experienced in handling any kind of rodent or insect infestation that can occur in your home, and are committed to making rodents go away for good.

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