How Your Food Choices May Be Inviting Rodents Into Your Home

The holidays are known as the perfect time to gather around with loved ones for the annual holiday feast. While this may seem like a joyful festive celebration with friends and family, your holiday cookies or turkey dinner might actually be inviting a variety of rodents into your home as well. Rats, mice and squirrels love your Christmas treats just as much as you do! You may be unintentionally providing shelter, food and warmth to these pests. A full grown male rat eats quite a bit of food every day despite only having a stomach half the size of a human thumb!

Luckily, you can reduce the likelihood of needing pest removal in Rochester, NH by knowing exactly what common food source could be attracting a family of rodents into your home:

  • Grains and seeds: Your uncle who loves to eat sunflower seeds while watching the football game may be attracting rodents. Grains and seeds are some of the favorite foods for a hungry mouse. Also remember to watch any kitchen cabinets, as rodents also love common grains regularly used for cooking and baking.
  • Nuts: The bowl of nuts next to the Christmas nutcracker is a favorite snack for a squirrel that has found its way into your home. Rodents love practically every type of nut from a pecan to a chestnut, so pay attention to any uncovered containers if you suspect you might have a rodent infestation.
  • Garbage: Your Christmas ham isn’t safe from rodents once the leftovers are scraped off of the plate and into the trash. Your trash can is practically a gourmet buffet for a hungry mouse. They’ll eat anything found in the garbage can, but some of their favorite treats include bread, meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables. Ensure your trash can is securely shut to avoid being greeted by an eating rat the next time you open the lid!
  • Pet food: The appetite of a rodent isn’t limited to just human food. In fact, your dog’s kibble may also be at risk. A rat or mouse will likely be interested in anything you feed your cat, dog or even your horse. Make sure everything is sealed in an airtight canister to keep your furry friends’ food safe.
  • Fruit: This is considered to be the top choice for a rat, squirrel or mouse. That’s because this is the food that is most easily accessible in the wild, so these rodents have become quite accustomed to the taste. They’ll feast on everything from an apple core to a peach pit if they’re able to get their claws on it!

Have rats, rodents and squirrels been attempting to get a taste of your holiday feast? If so, contact the professionals at Dependable Pest Solutions today for pest removal in Rochester, NH. Not only can we help you eliminate the current infestation, but our team of trained pest removal specialists will also help you take the necessary precautions to prevent the problem from happening again. Call us today to get started!

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