Keeping Nesting Rodents Out of Your Home All Winter Long

Many people welcome colder weather because it means no more bugs. In the colder season, bugs, such as centipedes and mosquitoes, tend to die, as they’re unable to survive in the freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, the same snow that kills bugs forces rodents and other pests inside as they look for someplace warm to nest until they can head back outdoors, eventually necessitating a call for pest removal in Rochester, NH.

Mice and rats are two of the worst offenders, as they can sneakily enter your home unnoticed. Their unique body shape helps them easily enter your home without bringing any attention to themselves. Oftentimes, they’ll find a way to slide in through a small crack in the foundation of your home, a hole in the floor, a damaged area in the roof or even a vulnerable vent. No entryway is too small for a mouse! Unfortunately, you may not notice they’ve infiltrated your space until it’s become a big problem.

How to prevent rodents from entering

Luckily, taking a few simple precautions can decrease the chances of unwanted rodent houseguests. Take the time to check that these three areas are completely secure at least once a year to keep rats and mice out:

  • Windows: Mice are expert climbers, which means they can easily make their way into your home through any unsecure windows. Keep your window closed or attach a screen to cut off this easy access point. Make sure to check each screen regularly, as they may develop holes over time. Seal off any open gaps between the window and the frame as well.
  • Foundation: Chances are high that any cracks in the wall are large enough for a mouse to fit through. Spend a few minutes walking around the outside of your home to look for any cracks or holes that could be used as a potential entry point. Seal off any that are more than a quarter of an inch. Pick a strong material to do so, such as concrete mortar, because their little rodent teeth can chew through weaker materials.
  • Vents: An improperly sealed vent might let more than just warm air in this winter. Rats can access your home by crawling through a poorly secured vent. Installing screens is a simple, yet trustworthy way to keep these unwanted fuzzy pests out year after year.

Solving the problem with pest removal in Rochester, NH

It’s never too late to stop a pest problem. The professionals at Dependable Pest Solutions specialize in a variety of different pest removal methods that will eliminate the infestation, no matter how large or small it is. We’ll identify the exact issue before using safe and environmentally friendly products to take care of the infestation. Once your home is free of mice and rats, our pest removal specialists will thoroughly inspect your home to ensure the infestation is gone, in addition to identifying any vulnerable access points.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about pest removal in Rochester, NH.

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