Five Signs That It’s Time to Schedule Rodent Removal in Rochester, NH

It’s that time of year again when mice, rats and other rodents try very hard to get into homes and office buildings to escape the nasty weather outside. Their tiny bodies can squeeze through the smallest cracks in a foundation or through holes in exterior walls. Since rodents can multiply so quickly, a small issue of having just one or two critters in your home can turn into a major infestation in a matter of weeks.

But how do you know you need to call the professionals for rodent removal in Rochester, NH? It could be hard to tell you have an infestation unless you actually see a mouse or rat. Here are a few of the signs that you likely have an issue:

  • You see a rodent: Seeing is believing—as mentioned above, the best way to know you need to schedule rodent removal is by actually witnessing a rodent scurry across your floor—or worse, your kitchen counter. Don’t fall victim to the flawed logic that only seeing one rodent isn’t a big deal. Where there’s one, you can bet there are actually many. Contact us as soon as you see a critter so we can get to work at removing the whole group of them.
  • You hear strange noises: If you’re lying in bed and hear small scratching noises coming from the walls, it’s a good idea to call us in the morning. Rodents can compress their ribcages and slip inside the smallest holes or cracks in your walls. Critters living inside your walls or HVAC system are as gross as they are unsettling. Let our professionals eliminate the threat of creatures in your house.
  • You see droppings: Small droppings around your home are an obvious sign that something else besides your family is living in your house. Call us ASAP for rodent removal in Rochester, NH if you see something that could be droppings. You’ll usually find them in your kitchen cabinets, in the pantry or wherever else you store your food.
  • You notice teeth marks: One thing all rodents have in common is their need to constantly gnaw on things to ensure their teeth don’t grow too long. Rats and mice inside your home will gnaw on anything, but they especially love chewing up your baseboards and wooden furniture. Contact us to take care of your rodent problem before these critters start to ruin your nice furniture. You may also see teeth marks on packages of food, where vermin have attempted to steal a meal.
  • You find shredded cloth or paper: Wood and food packages aren’t the only things rodents will chew up. They also chew paper and cloth in order to make little homes for themselves. You can bet you have a rodent infestation if you notice any small piles of paper, or if you see clothes or curtains with small holes in them.

If any of the above signs apply to your home, give Dependable Pest Solutions a call right away for rodent removal in Rochester, NH!

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