What Can a Pest Control Service in Rochester, NH Do for You?

Unfortunately, pests trying to get inside your home or business is just a part of life. After all, we share this world with them, too. The problem is that pests like rodents and bugs don’t really like being outside, especially in the winter when it’s cold and uncomfortable. They’d much rather be indoors, where it’s warm and they can scavenge for a good meal. Thankfully, a pest control service in Rochester, NH can quickly take care of an infestation before it becomes a huge issue. Here are a few of the services we’re able to offer our clients:

  • Pest inspections: It can be hard for a homeowner or business owner to know for sure if they have a pest problem. There are several signs that one might have an infestation, but without proper training, it’s safe to say very few people would be able to identify with any certainty that they have an issue with a particular type of pest. On top of clarifying which pest is giving you trouble, our professionals will be able to locate the entrance points and breeding grounds for the pests to ensure the problem will be handled swiftly when it’s time to remove them.
  • Pest removal: If one of our professionals notices an infestation upon completing an inspection, he or she will get to work immediately to get rid of your problem. We can take care of any issue, regardless of the size of the rodent(s) or the number of creepy crawly critters. We use the best traps to snag rodents, and the safest chemicals to get rid of bugs. All of the products we use are environmentally safe, and harmless for your family and your pets.
  • Ongoing pest control: Sometimes pest removal isn’t a one-off event. Pests are bound and determined to make it inside for food and shelter. This is usually the case in homes near the woods, and in businesses in the food industry. Our customers who experience rodent or other pest infestations on a regular basis know that we’re the number one pest control service in Rochester, NH for repeat visits. Our professionals will work quickly to eliminate all of the pests in the building each time we’re called.
  • Preventative pest control: The best way to take care of pests in your home or business is to take measures that totally prevent them from getting inside in the first place! Our professionals work thoroughly outside to prevent pests from entering your home. We offer year-round treatments to prevent insects like ants and termites from getting inside or into your foundation, where they’ll wreak havoc. Again, as with our pest removal services, all of the products we use are safe for your family and pets.

Whether you need a pest inspection, pest removal or preventative measures to ensure pests don’t become a problem in the first place, Dependable Pest Solutions is the pest control service in Rochester, NH you need to call. Get in touch today to schedule a visit!

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