Get Pest Help in Rochester, NH to Solve Your Wasp Problem

Wasps are one of the most dreaded pests in residential backyards and greenspace around commercial locations alike. Even on the nicest day, wasps can discourage outdoor activity and be a major disturbance during gatherings, picnics, sporting events and outdoor exercise. Unlike bees, wasps are not efficient pollinators since their bodies are hard and not covered in the hairs that are found in species like honey bees.

Another difference between honeybees and wasps is that honeybees are only able to use their stinger once before they die. Because honeybees do not survive their own sting, they are reluctant to sting unless they determine that there is a threat to their hive. Wasps, on the other hand, can sting numerous times, and they are often recognized as more aggressive and likely to sting than honeybees are. For this reason, pest help in Rochester, NH is frequently sought out to rid properties of these disruptive insects.

Identifying a wasp problem

Wasp species can be identified and categorized as either social or solitary. Solitary wasps live their lives outside of any sort of colony and they leave their eggs to hatch alone. These are the types of wasps that might make an occasional appearance at an outdoor barbecue but don’t come accompanied by any winged friends. Social wasps, on the other hand, live in colonies with up to thousands of wasps. These wasps hunt for food sources, mainly insects, to feed to the larvae in the hive. Because of their insect-based diets, wasps are often used to control agricultural insects and pests.

Social species of wasps are the kind that can really cause problems in outdoor spaces. You can identify a wasp infestation by the number of wasps that are present around your home or business. Regularly seeing a number of wasps indicates there is a colony nearby and the wasps you are seeing are most likely female workers. Another clear signal of a wasp infestation is the presence of a wasp nest.

Getting rid of wasps around your home or business

If wasps have made themselves unwelcome occupants of your outdoor space, don’t hesitate to seek out professional pest help in Rochester, NH. Since wasps can pack quite the sting, it’s best to avoid any do-it-yourself attempts at removal or extermination. A professional pest service will usually address a wasp problem by first inspecting the area and finding the source or nest and then creating a control plan to solve the problem. This plan might include chemical wasp controls or even a full physical removal of the wasps’ nest.

No matter what kind of wasp problem you’re experiencing, Dependable Pest Solutions can offer professional pest help in Rochester, NH for your specific situation. Thanks to our years of experience dealing with all sorts of insect and pest problems, we can offer the best plan of action for the issue that you are experiencing to ensure the safety and comfort of your home or business. Get started with an affordable pest inspection and say goodbye to the annoyance of wasps interrupting your outdoor fun this summer.

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