How to Keep Ants Out of Your Home

With the arrival of the summer season comes fun-filled barbecues, delicious fresh fruits and exasperating pests, such as ants. The presence of ants and other insects can make even the most perfectly prepared-for summer entertaining event a disaster. You can ensure that your summertime eating experiences are enjoyable by following a few simple steps for ant removal in Rochester, NH that will keep your home free of unwelcome guests.

Preventative measures

Keeping ants from entering your home in the first place can often be the first line of defense in ensuring that your living areas are bug-free. Due to their size, it can be difficult to set up barriers of entry that are sufficiently suited to keep the tiny, food-hungry intruders at bay.

Begin the process of sealing off your home by identifying where the ants are entering. Because of the unique behaviors of these interesting insects, this is often a surprisingly easy task. Healthy ant colonies will almost always travel in a direct, straight line between their food source and their nest. If it is established that the point of entry is a poorly sealed door, window or section of wall, sealing off that area with caulking may be the most prudent first line of defense. This tactic also includes the added benefit of enhancing your home’s energy conservation.

For a more aggressive approach, or in places like screen doors or other areas where caulking may not be appropriate, lining the point of entry with ant-repellent substances such as salt or diatomaceous earth can be an effective means of keeping out any unwanted dinner guests. It is important to consider, however, if the substances used may pose a threat to the safety of pets or small children. Natural barriers can also be created with substances or scents that ants don’t like. Peppermint essential oil, vinegar and bay leaves can be helpful.

Finally, concealing or removing food scents can prevent ants from becoming interested in your home. Putting away food as soon as it is finished and sealing up unused ingredients is another easy step that can make a substantial difference.

Effective ant control

If you are already hosting unwanted guests, it may be necessary to employ ant removal techniques. Wiping out ant trails with bleach solutions or all-purpose cleaners can be a temporary measure while you figure out a more permanent ant removal strategy. Alternatively, you may be able to vacuum up the entire trail, and then vacuum a small pile of diatomaceous earth or salt to kill any surviving ants.

If you can locate the ants’ nest, you may be able to eliminate the entire colony in one fell swoop. Pouring boiling water directly into an anthill can be an effective means of eradicating the entire population, including the queen. Finally, baits and traps can be one of the most effective means of ant removal in Rochester, NH. These methods take can more time than other strategies, but often generate longer lasting results.

Dependable Pest Solutions offers a full range of strategies for ant removal in Rochester, NH and the surrounding communities. Call today to learn about what kinds of pest control measures may be right for you!

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