What to Do If You Are Stung by a Bee or Wasp

Getting stung by a bee or wasp is an unpleasant experience for everyone, but if you are allergic to them, it becomes a life-threatening situation that you need to take immediate action to address. While it is wise to keep an epi pen handy this time of year, if you are allergic to bees, these remedies can help your symptoms and alleviate the itching, swelling and redness that occurs after you have been stung:

  • Eliminate the stinger: When a bee stings you, it leaves its stinger behind. If left on your skin, it can irritate and itch. Try using a credit card to scrape it from under your skin. If you have a lot of bees by your home and are worried about getting stung, try calling for insect control in Rochester, NH to have them eliminated.
  • Apply ice: This can help with the redness and swelling from a bee or wasp sting. It may also work to dull the pain. Just wrap some ice in a cloth and apply to the skin. Try rotations of 20 minutes for every hour that pain persists.
  • Take an antihistamine: To reduce your effects from a bee or wasp sting, you may want to take an antihistamine such as Benadryl to alleviate the swelling and itching. This can help your allergy symptoms and reduce your overall suffering. It is important to keep in mind that if you are allergic to bees, having insect control in Rochester, NH at your home can reduce the possibility of your getting stung. This is a good precaution to take if you experience adverse reactions to bee or wasp stings.
  • Try pain relief medicine: You want to be able to reduce the pain from a bee sting, and taking a pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help dull the harmful effects from the sting that you are feeling. Take this pain relief medication as required and directed for the best results.
  • Get a tetanus shot: Making sure you don’t develop an infection from a bee or wasp sting can be accomplished through a tetanus shot. If your last tetanus shot was more than 10 years ago, contact your doctor to get an update of your shot to make sure you don’t develop any illnesses from the sting. Keep in mind that bees or wasps that are swarming near your home can be prevented through professional insect control in Rochester, NH. This will remove them from the premises and prevent you from getting stung.

These tips can help you overcome the symptoms you may have when getting stung by a bee or wasp when you are allergic. If bees are a nuisance at your home, consider calling insect control in Rochester, NH to eliminate them. Call Dependable Pest Solutions to have your home or business exterminated for insects and rodents. We can remove any insect, rodent or other wildlife that is creating damage or an inconvenience at your home, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe and pest-free.

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