Seven Signs of Pest Infestation to Look for When House Hunting

House hunting can be pure joy as you look for the home of your dreams. As a buyer, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the hunt and overlook some key issues that could be costly to repair. Pest infestation is a real nightmare for new homebuyers, but if you watch for the following signs, you’ll be able to avoid buying a home that already has unwelcome guests:

  • Active bugs: An obvious sign that a home is infested with pests is if there are bugs inside the home as you enter and walk around. This is a clear indication that something is not right, and you could be entering a real situation if you choose to buy the house. Always have pest inspections in Rochester, NH to determine whether a house is free of insects and rodents.
  • Droppings: When you look around a prospective home, open the cabinets and look in nooks and crannies. If you see droppings, there may be some critters that live there, too. You would want to have pest inspections in Rochester, NH to determine how bad the infestation is before you make an offer.
  • Nests: Just like droppings, nests are signs of pests All sorts of critters make nests to reproduce and keep their babies warm. If there are nests present behind furniture or in corners, you can be sure that there is more than one rodent living in the house.
  • Dead bugs: Bugs that are lying in a dead on the ground is an indication that a pest control product was used to kill them. The homeowner may be trying to eliminate these pests from the home on their own and just didn’t clean up afterwards. Arrange for professional pest inspections in Rochester, NH just to be sure the problem has been handled.
  • Odors: Foul smells mean rodents and bugs are in the home. They could be in the walls or attic, or running loose throughout the home. Both dead and live pests have a distinct smell to them, and you need to be certain that the home isn’t overrun before you buy it.
  • Strange sounds: Book a showing in the evening, when rodents are most active. If you hear gnawing, clawing or squeaks, you can be sure that there are pests in the home that need to be eliminated before you buy.
  • Pest control products: As you look throughout the home, be sure to open cabinets and look for pest control products. This can tell you that the homeowner has dealt with pests, either currently or in the past. Pest inspections in Rochester, NH can determine if pests are still a problem now.

Having pest inspections in Rochester, NH prior to buying a home is always a good idea. This can help you to avoid dealing with a major pest problem that could cause damage or disease or require a major cleanup. To have a pet inspection conducted at a new property you intend to buy, contact Dependable Pest Solutions. We can determine if an infestation is occurring and what needs to be done to eliminate it.

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