How to Protect Your Child During Pest Removal in Rochester, NH

If you have been dealing with pests in your home and are in need of pest removal in Rochester, NH, it is only natural to be concerned with how a pesticide application could affect your small children. On the one hand, you certainly want to make sure the pest problem is under control, but you also want to make sure you don’t put your child in harm’s way while taking care of the issue. The guide below explains the added risks that your young children may face, as well as the best ways to make sure that you are minimizing any potential exposure.

High sensitivity

Babies spend a lot of time crawling around on the ground, and learn about new items they encounter by putting them in their mouths. Because of these typical infant activities, your child’s risk of exposure to harmful chemicals is higher than normal. Additionally, at this time in their life, a small child is still very much in the developmental stage, and many of the barriers that adult bodies form to fight off harmful toxins are not yet present. Babies also take more breaths per minute, which means that they are much more prone to inhalation of harsh chemicals. Due to the increased risk of exposure that children face, it is important for parents to make sure they are limiting contact by taking every precaution possible.

Reducing exposure

Before pesticides can be used anywhere in your home, it is very important to understand what products are going to be used, and that all of the chemicals will be used in the intended way. In doing so, you will be able to make sure that the least toxic option available is being implemented, and that exposure is limited as much as possible.

When pesticides are being used, make sure that things such as food, dishes, or clothes have been removed from the application area. If you are having pests removed in a location that is used primarily for food preparation or consumption, be sure to wipe down the area thoroughly before resuming use. When storing these chemicals, make sure they are in a safe location, out of the reach of babies and small children. If you stick to these basic rules, you will be able to diminish your pest problem, while also making sure that you are protecting your child’s health and development at the same time.

While babies need to be watched more closely than adults due to the additional risk factors, taking the necessary steps to minimize exposure will still allow you to safely go forward with pest removal in Rochester, NH. Here at Dependable Pest Solutions, we use top-of-the-line products that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, in addition to following all safety guidelines with each job. If you want to make sure your children remain safe while still ensuring your pest problems are taken care of, be sure to give us a call today. We look forward to assisting you in the safe and effective removal of any pests in your home!

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