Avoid Mice Removal in Rochester, NH This Winter by Pest-Proofing This Fall

When the cold temperatures hit, we humans typically stay indoors. With the exception of the occasional skiing excursion, we typically find warm spaces to spend our winters. The same is true for rodents. With winter around the corner, they start to seek a nice, inviting place to stay for the season. They start looking at your house. If they find that it’s inviting, you’re likely to need mice removal in Rochester, NH this winter.

To avoid these unwanted guests, make sure your home is not inviting. Don’t put out the welcome mat! Take steps to make your home as unappealing and inaccessible to rodents as possible. Here’s how.

Close all entrances

Mice only need a dime-sized hole to enter your home. That’s right—leave a quarter-inch access point, and they can use it. Carefully inspect your home for cracks and crevices in the exterior. Be sure to check locations where utility pipes enter your home.

After sealing any openings, move on to any chimney and attic vents present. Cover these with screens or, if already covered, inspect the screens and make any needed repairs or replacements for the season.

Next on the list are doors and windows. Do all your exterior doors have door sweeps? If not, add them. Are all your window screens in good condition? Repair any damaged screens that could allow mice to enter. Check the weather stripping around your windows and replace this as needed, too.

Lastly, check your foundation for loose mortar. Replace any loose mortar to keep your foundation tight and secure against rodent invaders.

Remove potential nests

Don’t keep things near your home that make great rodent houses. If you store firewood for the winter, keep it at least 20 feet away from the house. Apply the same rule of thumb to construction materials, compost heaps and anything else that will remain in your yard for the winter. Rodents love to take up residence in these piles, so keep them far from your home.

A similar principle applies to bringing items into the home that have been stored outside or in mice-friendly areas. Inspect boxes of decorations, grocery bags or other potential hideaways before placing them in your home. If you’re not careful, you may inadvertently carry a furry guest inside and create the need for mice removal in Rochester, NH.

A final place to eliminate nests is in your landscaping. Keep all bushes and shrubbery well trimmed. Clean up leaves. Dense landscaping and dead plants offer shelter for mice. Growing near your home, they invite the mice inside for the winter.

Take away their food and water

If mice smell food, they will come running. Don’t make your kitchen enticing for rodents. Store all edibles in airtight containers. Use sealed receptacles for your garbage and dispose of it regularly.

Eliminate mice watering holes where a free drink might entice them. Repair leaky pipes and clogged drains. Keep things airtight and dry to avoid inviting mice over for a drink.

Even with these precautions in place, you may experience a breach. If you suspect you are sharing your home with rodents, contact a professional for mice removal in Rochester, NH today.

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