Follow These Simple Steps to Protect Your Home Against Bugs This Winter

Freezing temperatures, shorter days and the warmth of the heater all mean one thing—winter is finally here. You’ll likely spend more time sitting by a crackling fireplace inside over the next few months as you await the return of the warm temperatures in the spring. Unfortunately, insects have the same idea. Cockroaches, spiders and rodents all seek shelter indoors to survive the winter. To them, there’s nothing more appealing than your cozy home when the snow is falling outside.

Luckily, taking a few preventative measures will keep bugs outside of your home, where they belong. Start winterizing your home now using the following tips to keep your home pest-free:

  • Clean up: Before the temperatures drop below freezing, take some time to remove any clutter. Clean up that box of old newspapers or the junk cupboard to eliminate a bug haven. Throw away any forgotten paper and trash items. Clean up any food and crumbs in the kitchen so cockroaches and ants can’t find a few free meals.
  • Seal off the entrances: Bugs and rodents can easily slip in through even the smallest openings. Check the window screens to ensure there aren’t any small tears or holes. Then, inspect the seals around the entry doors and crawl space. Any worn weather stripping and caulking should be repaired immediately. Lastly, double check that the screen over the chimney is secure to prevent any fireplace intruders. The attic vents should also be sealed up tight.
  • Eliminate hiding spots: Check the exterior of your home for any potential pest habitats. Remove debris from the gutter and downspouts, in addition to clearing away any firewood or compost lingering near the home. Always store trash cans away from the home, as they act as welcoming sign for raccoons and rats. Pruning tree limbs so they are not hanging over the roof or gutters will also help.
  • Check for hitchhikers: There’s no better way to get in the holiday spirit than by decorating your home with Christmas lights and a tree. Unfortunately, pulling out that box of decorations from the garage could also be providing a direct ride into your home for a family of spiders. Check the containers for bugs prior to bringing them into your home. If they do manage to sneak inside, call for pest removal in Rochester, NH immediately.
  • Moisture: Inspect the bathroom, kitchen, attic and basement for any leaks. Insects and rodents need water, just like humans. Any moisture accumulation will be an additional bonus for building a nest inside of your home. Additionally, an undiscovered leak could cause significant property damage.

Keeping your home pest free during the winter season and throughout the year is simple with the help of Dependable Pest Solutions. One of our expert pest removal specialists can help you identify any problem areas before taking the necessary steps to eliminate them before they become a major headache. Call us today to schedule an appointment for effective pest removal in Rochester, NH!

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