Where Do Pests Go in the Winter?

Bugs are seemingly everywhere during the summer. Ants, mosquitoes and other obnoxious insects can make spending time outside miserable. You can’t help but feel like they are going to terrorize you forever. But then, without fail, they all seem to disappear once winter rolls around year after year. While the pests certainly aren’t missed, one can’t help but wonder where they went!

Different insects all have their own unique way of dealing with the cold. Some insects have found a way to adapt to the cold until the warmer weather returns during the spring, but others inevitably die. Understanding their tolerance level to the cold can help you keep them out of your home and avoid the need for pest removal in Rochester, NH, both during the winter and throughout the entire year.


Many flying insects head south for the winter in search of a warm place to eat and mate. Beetles, butterflies, grasshoppers, moths and dragonflies all travel south in an attempt to outrun the cold. Typically, they migrate to warmer climates to reproduce before dying. Then, the new generation will return north to start the cycle all over again.


Most insects actually don’t make it through the winter. Many pests aren’t equipped to handle temperatures below freezing and are unable to find alternative food sources, as their normal options have all disappeared for the season. Unfortunately, they don’t perish without leaving a final gift: eggs. Their last days are devoted to laying eggs in sheltered areas and ensuring the larvae have adequate food and protection to make it to the spring. The eggs will then hatch once the temperatures begin to rise, leading to a brand new generation of pests!


The hibernation habits of a bug are a bit different than those of most other animals. Their bodies are triggered to start putting on fat and shedding water once the days begin to grow shorter. In the upcoming weeks, they will seek out a cozy, dry and covered shelter in which to spend the winter. The most common hiding spots are in attics, basements, chimneys and other spots within your home. Others will hunker down in a rotting tree or log. Then, they will trade the water in their body for glycerol, which allows them to hibernate in suspended animation.

Move into your home

There’s no better place for a bug to wait out the winter than in your home. It’s warm, there’s a cozy closet to hide in and unlimited food waiting for them in the kitchen. Bugs get pretty desperate to find a place to survive during the winter, which makes your attic or basement the perfect seasonal hideout. Many will remain relatively inactive until they come out in full force next spring—inside your house! You’ll have no choice but to call for pest removal in Rochester, NH.

Setting up an inspection with Dependable Pest Solutions will help keep pests out of your home year-round. One of our expert exterminators will be able to eliminate any bugs and prevent any future infestations from occurring. Call us today for effective pest removal in Rochester, NH!

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