Top Tips from Your Professional Pest Control Service in Rochester, NH

Are you up to speed on proper pest control service in Rochester, NH? Are you taking steps to ensure your home is pest-free this year? Keeping a home clear of rodents and insects can feel nearly impossible. That’s why many homeowners rely on expert pest control providers to help with these issues. However, there are many steps you can take as a property owner to reduce infestations or prevent new ones. Here are a few facts and helpful tips from the pros:

  • Simple steps protect your home: While you may not be able to keep every ant or tick out of your home, there are steps you can take to minimize their invasions. Start with your kitchen. Store food in sealed containers. Clean up all crumb spills right away. Then, move on to other areas of the house. Is your attic well-sealed? What about your foundation? Look for any cracks or holes and fill them to block pest entrances. The goal is to make your house uninviting and impenetrable to unwanted critters.
  • Some pests keep coming back: Nuisances such as squirrels and raccoons are easier to ward off with DIY efforts. Others, such as mice, roaches, termites and ants, often return despite your best efforts. Your home is simply too tempting, full of food sources and nesting places. The climate can also affect the recurrence of infestations, as pests seek new sources of warmth in the winter. Even the cleanest houses can become infested. This makes ongoing pest control service in Rochester, NH important to ensure your home remains as pest-free as possible.
  • Damages from pests are more than you think: How much damage could such small creatures do to a home? You might be surprised at the answer. Termites quickly ruin carpentry. In fact, they cause $5 billion in damage each year. Carpenter ants weaken structures, which can then collapse, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Mice eat and damage food, contaminate homes with disease and chew electrical wiring. These activities can cost a homeowner anywhere from hundreds of dollars in groceries, to thousands in fire damage, to priceless health costs.
  • Save money with frequent visits: Which would you rather clean—a house that hasn’t been touched since last spring, or one that is cleaned weekly? Similar principles apply for pest control. If you have your home serviced regularly, it is easier to remove pests and keep them at bay. Once you establish a relationship with a pest control service in Rochester, NH, they can complete initial inspections and treatments and offer a reduced rate for ongoing treatment. It will be cheaper and easier to keep your home pest-free.

With so much at stake, it’s important to take proper precautions when it comes to pest control service in Rochester, NH. Keep your home and family free from pests with expert services from Dependable Pest Solutions. We will partner with you to inspect your home, remove your pests and prevent future infestations. Our services are designed to reduce recurrence, reduce costs and increase peace of mind. Contact our professionals today to schedule your next service.

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