Don’t Let Love Blind You to the Presence of Pests

There’s practically nothing more romantic than receiving a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses from your significant other. This simple gesture is a beautiful reminder of the romantic feelings shared between a couple, or of warm affection between friends. Unfortunately, those gorgeous flowers could be home to a barrage of bugs and diseases. Even the most elaborate and expensive bouquets can be infested with insects. The phenomenon only becomes more common during the busy season. Thousands of insects could be infesting those luxurious lilies or colorful orchids! Exposure to the pests or diseases hiding within the petals could result in the transmitting of illnesses, infestations or even severe bug bites.

This doesn’t mean you have to look for an alternative gift option this Valentine’s Day. Let’s take a closer look at how this happens and what you can do to keep your Valentine’s Day pest-free.

How do the insects get on the flowers?

Many flowers used in arrangements are grown in South American countries like Colombia and Ecuador before being shipped to the United States. This is a common practice, as the countries have moderate temperatures and a longer growing season suitable for producing some of the most in-demand flowers throughout the year.

Once they are shipped, agents with the U.S. Customs and Border Protections Agency inspect the plants for any signs of insects or diseases. They’re specifically looking for any of the 1,400 different types of pests known to be a threat. Inspectors often find up to 80 bugs per day! Any found specimens are then sent to an inspection lab to be studied. The plants must obtain full clearance before officially entering the country and being sent off to floral distributors nationwide.

If bugs are left unnoticed, the plants could pose a serious threat to both public health and the agricultural industry. Some offenders do manage to slip through due to the sheer volume of product moving through each inspection station. The likelihood of this happening only gets worse during the busiest times of the year, specifically around Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas. Hopefully, your florist will notice any issues before including infested plants in a floral arrangement to be delivered to an unsuspecting recipient.

Call Dependable Pest Solutions for Pest Help in Rochester, NH

Unfortunately, it’s often too late once a pest-ridden arrangement has made its way into your home. The bugs can quickly jump from the bouquet on display in the kitchen to, for example, a fruit basket, where they will begin laying eggs. Check the leaves and petals for small holes indicating where the bugs have been munching. Thoroughly inspect the plant for any dead insects trapped in the bottom of the vase or cellophane wrapping. Your best option is to throw away the plant in question and call a professional for pest help in Rochester, NH if anything appears amiss.

The bug elimination experts at Dependable Pest Solutions will take the necessary steps to put a stop to the problem before it becomes any worse. Call us today to learn more!

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