Look Out for Love Bugs and Other Annoying Pests This Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air! Have you already made your reservations for a romantic dinner out? Maybe you have a fun picnic in the park or a weekend getaway planned this year. Regardless, nothing can ruin a Valentine’s date more than an intrusion from some unwanted creepy crawly guests. While the names of love bugs and kissing bugs may make them sound adorable, these insects give love a bad name. These bugs—and the stinky skunk—have the potential to end a Valentine’s date on a sour note as soon as they make an appearance.

In the spirit of the season, let’s take a look at a few festively named pests and how to keep them from ruining the romantic festivities this year.

Love bugs

Love bugs should be adorable, considering their name. Unfortunately, the appearance of these semi-annual insects in the late spring and early summer could signal an unfortunate turn for a romantic drive through the countryside. Love bugs swarm in large numbers and have a highly acidic composition. Watch out for them near highways and on the exterior of your vehicle. Failing to remove them from the body or wheels of the car can actually result in extensive damage to the paint and any chrome services. Avoid painting from April through August to protect your paint finish from the damage of the love bug. Applying a wax treatment to your vehicle will also help.

Kissing bugs

Unfortunately, kissing bugs earned their name from a particularly gross behavior—biting people around the mouth while they sleep. Their “affection” can spread a parasite known to cause Chagas disease in humans. While the symptoms aren’t fatal, young and elderly populations can experience chronic pain and major cardiac complications as a result. Contacting an exterminator for pest removal in Rochester, NH is the best course of action as soon as you spot this bug. Prevent an infestation by sealing any cracks in the foundation, walls and entrances to your home. Additionally, keep pets indoors at night and thoroughly check their fur to keep kissing bugs from hitching a free ride inside.


Insects aren’t the only pests you need to be worried about right now. Skunks also feel the love this time of year, as Valentine’s Day perfectly coincides with the mating season of this unmistakable animal. Luckily, the black-and-white stink bomb isn’t really interested in humans while it’s on the hunt for a date. Spraying is generally a last line of defense, only to be engaged when threatened. Keep skunks away from your property in the first place to avoid finding yourself drenched in their notoriously smelly perfume. Remove any sources of food from the exterior of your home to make the area less appealing. Constructing a mesh fencing that extends at least six inches under the ground will prevent burrowing.

Don’t let love bugs, kissing bugs, skunks or any other intruders ruin Valentine’s Day. Preventative pest control will keep your residential property or business pest-free all year long. Call Dependable Pest Solutions today to learn more about pest removal in Rochester, NH.

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