Eight Warning Signs of Rodents

One of the worst things to discover in your home or business is a sudden infestation of rodents. Besides being completely unwelcome, mice, rats and squirrels leave a path of destruction in their wake, damaging structures, contaminating food and spreading germs and diseases.

Rodents are also very sneaky and know how to stay out of sight, meaning they might avoid detection for weeks or even months if you aren’t paying attention. Fortunately, rodents aren’t able to hide all of their tracks, and there are many warning signs that can indicate a need for rodent removal in Rochester, NH. By keeping your eyes peeled for these rodent red flags, you can increase your chances of catching a rodent infestation before it gets completely out of hand:

  • Droppings: One of the most obvious signs of rodents is the presence of droppings. Rats and mice leave small pellet droppings everywhere, which can transmit diseases and release bacteria into the air. If you notice rodent droppings, disinfect the area and call for rodent removal in Rochester, NH immediately.
  • Odors: The presence of rodents usually comes with a pungent, musky odor. This odor is caused by urine, droppings or dead or dying rodents in your walls or attics, and gets stronger the larger the infestation is.
  • Bite marks: With teeth that are always growing, rodents frequently gnaw on things, leaving obvious bite marks on your walls, baseboards, insulation, wiring, flooring, pallets, products, furniture—the list goes on. Also pay close attention to crumbs or food packaging with bite marks, as this indicates the rodents have found your food sources and your food may be contaminated.
  • Nests or burrows: Rats and mice like to build nests made of shredded paper, cardboard, string and cloth. Check your attic, crawl spaces and between your walls to identify these nests. Rodents also like to burrow and create tunnels in your walls and underground, so keep your eye out for small holes.
  • Grease marks: Rodent bodies are dirty and greasy and leave rub marks on walls or other areas they traffic. The darker the grease mark, the heavier the traffic is in the area.
  • Scratching noises: Rodents will scurry about in their intricate tunnel systems. If you hear scratching or scuffling in your walls or ceiling, you should inspect the areas for other signs of rodents.
  • Strange pet behavior: Pets tend to go a little haywire when they sense or smell rodents in the house. If they are barking or hissing, pawing at areas under furniture or are extremely alert, you may have an infestation to take care of.
  • Actual rodent sightings: If you actually see a mouse, rat or squirrel in your building, you can be pretty sure it’s not leaving anytime soon on its own. Call in the professionals to do a thorough rodent inspection and remove them as soon as possible.

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