How Rodents Can Harm Your Business

Rodents discovered in your commercial business can be a huge headache to deal with. That’s not the full extent of your problems, though. Mice, rats and squirrels can wreak havoc on your building, your products and your employees’ health, all of which are extremely harmful to your business’ overall productivity.

If you notice signs of rodents in your building, such as droppings, weird noises or gnaw marks, or have actually seen the rodents themselves, you should not delay in bringing in a pest control service in Rochester, NH. Without taking care of your rodent problems as soon as possible, you are putting your business at risk of a number of issues:

  • Ruin your reputation: Allowing customers to see the signs of rodent infestation—or worse, the rodents themselves—can demolish a business’s reputation. Customers are quick to leave scathing online reviews, deterring future customers even after the issue is solved. Rodents make customers not want to visit your business, make you look unprofessional and can even cause you to fail health inspections and be shut down, particularly if your business works with food.
  • Health concerns: Rodents are notorious for spreading germs and diseases through their droppings, saliva, blood and urine. These germs can cause flu-like symptoms in humans, including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, sweating, aching, dizziness and more. Not only does this make your employees have to stay home from work, lowering business productivity, but it can contaminate food and products going out to customers, too.
  • Damage products: With their keen sense of smell, rodents will find your food sources as quickly as they settle in. This is especially a problem for grocery stores, restaurants and other food production businesses, because rodents can get into food products, gnaw on them and contaminate them, forcing you to throw away unsold products. Call a pest control service in Rochester, NH to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars on damaged products.
  • Costly structural damage: Rodents’ teeth never stop growing, which means they never stop chewing, and they will gnaw their way through your building. By chewing on insulation, wiring, walls and more, rodents can cause unsightly and expensive damage to the inside of your property. Additionally, if those rodents decide to burrow underground, they might chew through structural beams and foundations and create tunnels inside your walls, causing severe structural damage that will be costly to fix.
  • Employee distractions: Nobody wants to work in an environment plagued by mysterious scuffling in the walls or ceilings, gross odors and scary rodent sightings. Rodent infestations can result in more distractions and lower morale for employees, in addition to adversely affecting their health.

Keep a close eye out for the warning signs of rodents in your business and act fast as soon as you suspect you have an infestation. Being quick to act can save you multiple times over by avoiding other business problems down the line.

If you notice rodents are taking over your commercial business, give Dependable Pest Solutions a call! For 10 years, we’ve provided residential and commercial customers with reliable pest inspections, eradication services and maintenance plans. We take care of all sorts of pests, from ants and wasps to bed bugs and mice. For safe and affordable pest control service in Rochester, NH, call us today!

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