Summertime Is Bee Time! Stay Safe This Season with Bee Removal in Rochester, NH

Just as the summer sun invites us outside to enjoy the season, it also brings out the bees. Nothing can ruin a barbecue or picnic faster than angry buzzing and painful stings. If anyone present has bee allergies, these pests can be particularly hazardous. Other than bee removal in Rochester, NH, is there anything you can do to cope with these insects?

Yes! The first step is to understand bee patterns. Then, you can learn how to avoid or safely remove them. Use the following guide to safely navigate bee season.

Bee Season

Like some mammals, bees hibernate during the winter. As the summer season awakens them, they venture out of their slumber to begin collecting pollen and nectar. They seek out their preferred plants and start earning their “busy bee” nickname.

The exact season of activity depends on the seasonal patterns of the area. Temperature changes and the flowers available affect bee patterns. Some species of bee are attracted to specific flowers, while others simply feed off of whichever variety of plants is available throughout the season. You might be able to keep bees at bay by designing your floral landscaping appropriately.

Types of Bees

What kinds of bees can you expect to see this season? The three most commonly seen by homeowners are bumblebees, honeybees and carpenter bees. These species start their activity in the spring as warm weather arrives and continue into the summer until fall and cooler temperatures arrive.

Bumblebees can be identified by their round bodies covered in soft hair, which makes them look fuzzy. Their colonies are smaller than some other species, with as few as 50 bees in a nest. While they generally ignore people and animals as they go about their business, female bumblebees can sting repeatedly.

As their name suggests, honeybees are primarily known for their production of honey. This species creates wax nests, in which they produce and store honey. They are often domesticated to farm and harvest this valuable resource.

Carpenter bees are often confused with bumblebees, since some males are covered with fur. To identify a carpenter bee, look for a shiny abdomen. Most species are primarily black, with some yellow or white coloring. Their name is derived from their nesting patterns. They burrow into dead wood, bamboo or other hard plants to nest. Some also dig nesting tunnels in the ground.

Bee Nests

The various species of bees create different types of nests. This can make identifying their homes difficult. Some nest in the ground, while others use tree branches, and still others nest under rocks or convert bird nests into bee nests. If you need to remove a bee nest, it is important to identify what kind of species you are dealing with before taking action. It is best to contact a professional for bee removal in Rochester, NH to ensure your safety.

“Bee” Safe—Contact the Pros

Understanding what to expect from various types of bees can help you stay safe this summer. Remaining aware of their presence and their nests can help avoid disasters. However, when it comes time for bee removal in Rochester, NH, it’s best to leave this task to the experts. If you discover bees have invaded your summer space, reach out to the team at Dependable Pest Solutions. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your bee removal in Rochester, NH.

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