Why Does Summer Bring an Increase in Pest Activity?

Every year, warmer temperatures finally arrive, and you are delighted to take in the joys of summer. The only problem is, pests also arrive. They tend to invade your picnics, your basement, your parties and everything else you try to do this season. Why? Their increase in activity is due to several factors. Following are the top five reasons you generally need more pest control service in Rochester, NH during the summer season.

1. The Temperature

The warming temperatures call out hibernating pests and encourage seasonal activity. Summer is their time to build, gather, pollinate, feed and perform any other insect duties they are designed to do. However, just like humans, extreme temperatures can cause them to slow down and seek shelter. As the sun heats up the outdoors, they may seek shelter inside your air-conditioned rooms.

2. The Water

Pests thrive in moist conditions. They need water to survive, so summer rains and high humidity are ideal for pests to thrive. They grow and reproduce in moist areas, and, if a summer drought hits, they will seek out damp areas inside for shelter. This includes your property.

3. The Food

Grass, flowers and other vegetation are more abundant during the summer. Since these provide food supply for pests, they are more abundant during this season, too. Until this food supply depletes or disappears due to weather change, the pests will likely stick around to feast.

4. The Cycle

A majority of pests are cold-blooded. This makes them highly dependent on weather changes. Their life cycle follows temperature fluctuations, with increased activity during warm months. During this season, they reproduce, work and feed to prepare for the coming dormant winter.

5. The Light

During summer, we enjoy more hours of daylight. We can extend our activities and do more throughout the day. This is also true for pests. More light gives them more time to feed and stay active. As a result, we see more of them.

The Defense

With so many factors inviting pests into your life this summer, what can you do to make your summer less pest-filled and more pleasant? Take the following steps to prevent pest invasion this season:

  • Keep gutters clean. This removes potential nesting sites and moist breeding grounds.
  • Trim landscaping. Create a pest barrier by keeping all vegetation at least two feet from your property.
  • Seal the perimeter. Inspect your building for cracks and make repairs. Use weather stripping on windows and seal exposed pipes and conduit with caulking.
  • Protect trash. Ensure trash cans have tight-fitting lids. For dumpsters, clean and rotate the containers regularly to discourage pest nesting.

The Best Defense…

Is a good offense! If you are experiencing a pest invasion this summer, don’t hesitate to call for backup. Your local pest control service in Rochester, NH is the ideal solution to take back your summer from unwelcome pests. Dependable Pest Solutions offers a full line of pest control services for residential and commercial settings. From ants to bees to spiders and more, we help you get rid of them all. Contact our experts today!

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